I made the Winnie the Pooh and friends a few days before I baked the cake out of fondant by hand. I must say they came out quite lovely. I only had pictures on my phone as guidance. I baked chocolate cakes in 2 separate rectangular pans. I covered them with liquid chocolate icing between the layers and over the top. I colored my fondant the different colors.

I cut the cake in a 1 shape. I covered the cake with blue fondant. I then twisted green and blue fondant to create a border. I used white fondant for the blanket and used orange liquid icing to create the stripe effect on the picnic blanket. I used a scissor to cut the border of the blanket. I made fondant letters for the birthday and names sayings.

I must say this was a very easy cake to make and fun. I just struggled a bit with the fondant covering the cake, otherwise it was fun.