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Coolest Twilight Cake

I made a Twilight cake for a friend for her birthday as she is crazy for all the books and movie. We decided to use the cover of all four books, so measured the cake to divide by quarters, so we can use each 1/4 for each book cover.

We then made some fondant. We made the decoration as follows before covering the cake. We first sculpted some arms out of rice krispy treats and covered it in dyed fondant. The apple is also fondant that was dyed red then highlighted with white food coloring. The flower on the 2nd book, was made from rolled out fondant then I cut a petal shape and then scored it and feathered the edges and placed over a rolling pin to dry curved. I then painted the red on. The ribbon is rolled fondant and then curled and frayed to appear similar to the cover.

The last quarter was made by cutting out white shapes to represent a chess board, and then the chess pieces were sculpted by red and white fondant. I wanted to make the whole thing look like a big book, so covered 3 sides in white fondant and scored them to look like pages, and the spine of the book in black and (not shown in this photo) but painted each book name, (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and also Happy Birthday all in silver edible paint. Obviously the front cover was also in rolled black fondant.

I then placed all the decorations in the quarters. I wanted to make it shiny, so I painted on some corn syrup, although it did appear shiny it made it a little patchy, so will find a better way next time for that part.

Our friend seemed to enjoy the cake.

16 thoughts on “Coolest Twilight Cake”

  1. I read that you can use a little bit of Crisco on your fingers to make darker colored fondant to seem more vibrant in color.

  2. I love twilight, and I love this cake. My aunt Kim makes cakes and I think she should make a cake like that for girls my age and older. I think you should try to make an Edward Cullen cake. My friend’s aunt knows how to make Edward Cullen pancakes.

  3. To make the fondant shine, take a clothes steamer and slightly steam the fondant. It glosses over and then dries that way.

  4. omg I love this and I’ve been looking for a cake that I like and this is the best. I was wondering if you could make one for my party

  5. I love Twilight and I am about to have a birthday. Can you please make another one for me. Please it would be the biggest blessing ever

  6. That’s the best cake I had ever seen but could use some touch-ups but, AWESOME. You should open a cake store. This is great, my b-day is coming up soon, maybe you could make one for me.

  7. Thank you for comments below… I have only just checked these now, so apologies…
    I believe it was a 9 x 13 pan… I did two and then sandwiched them together.
    I only make cakes so far as a hobby, but thank you for the comments.

  8. This is very cool and im a twilight/vampire geek lol. how did you make it? im gonna be 11 on the 23rd of june and i would like a twilight cake pls can i have the recipe?


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