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Cool Homemade Slumber Party Cake

We made a 9×13 cake for this Slumber Party Cake. We then made fondant and dyed it purple. We covered the cake in apricot jam. We then molded 3 rice krispy treats to represent 3 children’s bodies. Then used the purple fondant to cover it almost all the way, as we left some space for the ‘sheet’ which we just put some butter cream frosting and then a marshmallow and squashed them down for each pillow.

We then made 3 heads from fondant and painted sleeping faces on each. One girls hair is made from black shoestring licorice, another from coconut colored yellow, and the last with brown fondant. I then scored the bed cover with a pattern and placed pink edible balls. I then sprinkled silver edible glitter over it.

I made a headboard by rolling out pink fondant and ‘glued’ it with frosting onto a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil. I then used the same pattern as the bed cover. It was a lot of fun making it and the birthday girl seemed to like it.

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