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Coolest Racecar Track Cake

A friend enjoys everything cars, so I decided to make him a racecar track cake. He was turning 40.

I first baked a chocolate box-cake mix on a cookie tray, so it was large but thin. (I would probably bake two of them next time and sandwich them together). I then cut out on paper the shape of 40. I placed that on top and then spread green frosting all over the cake, for the grass area. I then sprinkled green sugar crystals over it.

Once this was done I peeled the paper off, and was obviously left with the bare shape of 40. I then frosted this with black icing and then crumbled Oreo cookies over this. I outlined the 40 with black shoe-string liquorice. Then I piped yellow lines, to make it appear like a road. I bought some checkered flags etc and cars from my local cake shop, and made one of them crash. I dressed it with a red ribbon and some plastic flowers.

It was very easy to make and a lot of fun.

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