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Awesome Birthday Cake

Well, my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday was coming up ad I had no idea what I could possibly get this woman that she would appreciate. So after some thought I figured why not a cake?  I found out she loves red velvet, so I made a three layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  She also loves the color purple so that’s where I started.

I covered it in purple fondant and while I was doing this my fondant decided to rip and tear everywhere.  As it was already around 11 pm at this point I didn’t have the energy to whip up another batch so instantly I thought polka dots! Covered every imperfection up nicely, also have to give a huge thank you to my mother that helped with the placement and coloring of them. I thickened up the frosting by adding A LOT of powdered sure (in retrospect I should have just made a small batch of butter cream or royal frosting) to make the border, and also to use for the letters (I bought a smaller tip after this episode of smushed writing).

All in all she loved it and I got major brownie point J, thumbs up!

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