This ladybug cake was made for a baby shower that I was holding for my little granddaughter that was born.I wanted it to be special and give my brain a challenge.It worked, it wasn’t the easiest I made the butterflies over and over until I was happy with them. Everything is edible and the butterflies and flowers were all hand made. I did not use any molds. I traced pictures onto fondant and went to work cutting and shaping. I used my Pyrex glass bowls, all 3 to make the ladybug.

The large bowl was for the bottom part, the medium bowl for the top and the small bowl I used for the head. I used a simple vanilla cake mix with butter cream icing. I had a lot of fun making this and it was a big hit at the shower, there were cameras going off and I had people asking did you actually make this, oh my gosh I didn’t know you could do this.

I was very proud of myself and I am not afraid of a challenge because I know if I set my mind to it I can do it. This cake is the first picture in my cake photo album for people to see, and people still enjoy looking at it, now if only I could run a business doing this.