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Coolest Ladybug Birthday Cake

I got a lot of ideas from this site to make this Ladybug Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and it was such fun! I baked it in a large Pyrex bowl and a small Pyrex bowl and made 4 cupcakes (for the heads). The black polka dots were the hardest.

For the heads I used one cupcake with toothpicks to hold it to the smaller cake and used 2 cupcakes (one cut in half arranged around the whole cupcake) for the head of the bigger ladybug cake. I used pipe cleaners for the antennas and coconut for the ‘grass’. It wasn’t a lot of work for both but I would probably try to find an easier way to pull off the polka dots next time (I just used black icing squeezed out of an icing bag).




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