I made this monkey cake for my niece’s baby shower. The cake is 2 tiered and each is 2 layers. The monkey I made out of gum paste,  also out of gum paste is the flowers on top. The icing work is all butter cream.

When I have to transport a cake I bring the tiers separate and put them together where the cake will stand.  Makes travelling with a cake a lot less stressful.  After the tiers are together I pipe the border around the tier(s).

The monkey’s body and head are held together by toothpicks, the ears are as well.  Everything else is held on by gum paste glue.  Most people that have me make cakes for them do not want fondant, so I decided to do the flowers in butter cream as well.

The cake was a success and fit in with the baby shower theme great!  I love my animals, characters, etc. out of fondant or gum paste.