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Burmese Python Snake Cake

I looked all over for a snake cake idea for my son’s 7th birthday. Then I found this site and was rewarded with SO many cool ideas that inspiration hit and I thought “why can’t I make a coiled snake?” So, I tried it out and this was the result.

I baked two bundt cakes using 2 boxes of cake batter (I always add 1 box of jello instant pudding to my batter – match the flavors i.e. vanilla w/ vanilla and chocolate w/ choc. etc. – this makes your cake extra moist!)

Once the cakes were cooled I cut the center out of one of the cakes top-wise and down (which you’ll use for the head/neck and tail) then each bundt cake is cut length-wise at it’s side. This gave me 5 “coils” in all.

I then frosted the coils and wrapped them in a thin layer of fondant (two boxes of white pre-made fondant were used). I placed the largest coil on the bottom and then staggered them by size for effect.

The last coil, I cut in half and used one half for the tail and another for the head and neck. These were wrapped in layered fondant and sculpted for a more snake like effect and “stuck” together with water. The water pretty much glues the fondant together.

Any areas that looked too “apliqued” I just built up and sculpted with extra fondant (like the tail). Then the head and neck of the snake cake were made as the rest, w/ the exception of the tounge, which is a fruit roll-up of which the end was wrapped in fondant and watered to stick to the bottom of the jaw. The eyes are also fondant rolled in a ball and again applied w/ water.

After all was done, I painted the “skin” on the entire cake with a paint brush and orange food coloring diluting the food coloring w/ water for color variation. I did end up w/ one extra coil and a half extra of the inner top cut, having only needed three coils for the body and one cut in half for the head/neck and tail.

I do recommend refrigerating it until you’re ready to present it. I took mine out a few hours beforehand and a few minor splits due to weight appeared. They were easily fixed w/ water and smoothing out though.

My son loved it and some of the guests were a little freaked out by it! :)

Snake Cake

Snake Cake

38 thoughts on “Burmese Python Snake Cake”

  1. My son looked at the picture and thought it was a real snake!


    Mom and son
    Mandeville, LA

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! Lisa I think you missed your calling. now I know of a nice little side job for you. We could also put you up against the Ace of Cakes and see how you do. Way to go. That is AWESOME. My kids and I love it.

  3. great cake! i think i am going to try to make this cake for my sons bday but i dont understand how many bundt cakes were used/ why the instructions say to cut the center out? i thought bundt cakes already had the center out. if you could please explain that would be great! thanks!

  4. Thanks for the compilments!!
    Sorry about the confusing instructions, I had trouble writing with my toddler next to me that day…
    Anyway, bake two bundt cakes one large and one smaller. The smaller is used for the top half of the cake. The larger is then cut into two, so when I said to cut out the center of your bundt cake I mean to divide the cake so that you have two circles (or two “O” shapes. Which means you can either cut it via a side cut (horizontal)or you can make a larger and smaller cut by cutting a 2nd circle out of the top center of the bundt cake. The 2nd cut you have just made is used for the head and tail (which you would also chop in half creating two “C’s”. I then layered the larger circle on the bottom, the smaller bundt cake (not cut) on top for “coils” and then placed the piece you wld cut out in the shape of a “C” as the head inside the coils and then the other half in the back attached to the bottom coil for the tail. I hope this helps… Let me know if you have Q’s again.

  5. To the one that hates snakes and shuddered. You should have seen my son eating the severed cake head, I shuddered!!! LOL

  6. I have looked every where for a snake cake idea for my 21st birthday now I have it! pure genius!! think you’ve saved my party!!:D

  7. I make the birthday cakes for my family and I try to make them as creatively as possible. This year my 9 yr old brother wanted a coiled snake cake. I appreciate your ideas and suggestions on how to make one!

  8. I’ve never seen anything so imaginative!! Great job! I know there is a stage where “reptiles” are a hit with little boys. I think it comes after “dinosaurs”. Thanks for the idea.


  10. That is the coolest cake I’ve ever seen in my entire life, thanks for adding details how to make it. I appreciate that.

  11. I made this cake for my son’s 5th B-Day Party and everyone loved it! I think your “paint job” was more authentic then mine, though. Thanks for sharing the how to’s.

  12. lol I was looking up pythons on Google. I thought this was like a real snake in a cake box! haha, it looks real! Nice Job!

  13. Great Cake..made it for my son….scared myself when I was making it….it started to look so real. YIKES!! My son loved it!!!

  14. I never saw the snake. I think this is the cutest snake in the world. Thanks to the one who had added this picture. The one who had made this will be proud of him. Thanks.

  15. i am so excited to be making this cake for my soon to be 5 year old GIRL lol. she is snake crazy …thanks for such a awesome looking cake ! can’t wait to see her face :D

  16. My husband and 6 year old son are going to make this cake for the father and son cake bake for cub scouts. My son is so excited, thank you for sharing your idea!!!!

  17. Hi , Its an amazing cake, I’m stunned I’ve not come across it before! I was just wondering if you put anything in between the coils, to surport the cakes? thanks Vicki

  18. man that is an awsome cake.
    my sister is terrified of snakes,
    just imagine what she would do to me if i showed this cake.

    by the way awsome cake!:)

  19. Hi Vickie! Nothing is in between the coils, they sit right on top of each other. the fondant secures each layer to itself. :) “paint” the skin on as a whole when the cake is wrapped in the fondant. :) Thanks again for all of the compliments!

  20. I’m going to try this cake this week for my son’s birthday! He asked for a “particulated python” cake. LOL! thanks for the instructions!!! I’m very excited to give this a try!

  21. Hi, I’m going to try and make this for my son’s 6th b’day, when you said you lightly iced the cake before putting the fondant on, did you use a power type of icing or the type that you would spreed on with a knife.

  22. Thanks for an amazing cake idea!! Made this cake and my son loved it!!!! I am not a baker.. Never have used fondant and with your instructions- I pulled it off! Thanks again from a Mom of a happy 7 year old:)

  23. I made this cake last year for my son’s reptile birthday party. I followed your instructions and the cake looked fantastic! I only bake a few times a year and had never worked with fondant before. Thank you for sharing and for the detailed instructions! The cake looked JUST like the Albino Boa that was at the party!! Thank you again!

  24. Wow that looked like a real snake. Nice job! -Rayn

    WOWEE WOW WOW!!!!! That is the coolest thing ive ever seen!! you guys have a real talent!! I’m comin to you for my birthday cake. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. As an amateur cake decorator myself, can you describe in greater detail as to who you made the head look so lifelike. Great job! I would have never believed it was a cake until I saw the piece sliced out of it.

  26. You did an awesome job on this cake. I may attempt this one for my grandsons next birthday. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  27. What’s the dirt made from? Love this cake! Also, you said you used pre-made fondant. Where did you get that??

  28. I love this python very much. Why means it looks like the fantastic cake.

    I wish to eat it.

    The body looks like the colourful cream.

    By T.Kamalakkannan

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