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Coolest Bathtub Cakes and Birthday Cake Baking Tips

To make this cake it looks like a lot of work but it is actually very easy. To begin with my cake baking tips for the floor is use any type of box cake you like. On this particular cake I used fondant instead frosting. Either way you decide to frost, it is fine. Once the cake is frosted you will need to add the tiles to the floor. You can either use Chicklet gum or chocolate squares. You will need to arrange them into any pattern you choose.

For the bath tub you will have to use a thawed small pound cake. Trim the tub to round out the bottom of the cake and scoop out a small amount from the top of the cake to leave room for the baby and the bubbles. Once the tub has been iced you can place it on the tiled floor. You can add a small baby and white or pink miniature marshmallows for the bubbles. For the shower head you will use a wafer straw with a Necco wafer attached to the front. Then place the shower head down into the pound cake.

My cake baking tips for the bath mat is to use any square cookie and drizzle icing on the top. Let stand so icing will set. For the towel use a piece of any green gum. Fold in half and attach to the bath tub. For the soap use two Pez candies. Duck you can either add small candle duck to the bath tub or add larger duck on the floor.

More Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

Cake baking tip by Ashley M., Ontario, Canada

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

I made this cake for my sister in law’s baby shower. We were doing a rubber duck theme and this idea just popped into my head. Here are my cake baking tips. For the tub I made four 9×13 cakes (about an inch tall). I layered the first three cakes on top of each other. For the fourth I cut the middle out of it to make the ‘lip’ of the bathtub. I covered the whole thing in white fondant.

In the middle of the tub I put blue colored icing to make the water. I dyed a piece of fondant to make the towel and just draped it on (held in place with some icing). The soap is made out of a piece of fondant as are the big bubbles. The little tiny bubbles are white round sprinkles. The rubber ducky is a little mini rubber duck I picked up at a dollar store.

Cake baking tip by Heather A., Trenton, OH

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

This cake was made for my daughter’s Rubber Ducky themed birthday. She wanted a bathtub.

I made two 9×13 sheet cakes. Place the first cake on cake board. Cut out center of second cake to be the “tub” and place on top of first cake. I frosted it with white icing. Use mini marshmallows stuck on large marshmallows to make the faucets. Stick several mini marshmallows together to make bubbles. Use black gel to mark “H” and “C” on the faucets. A small piece of black licorice is the spigot. Just stick it into the cake.

The water is jelly jiggers in blue. Make according to package directions. As it solidifies whip with a Wisk and pour into the hollowed cake. Top it off with a few ducky candles. Hope my cake baking tips will be of help. ENJOY!

Cake baking tip by Kimberly A., Fort Worth, TX

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

For my daughter’s 10-year birthday party she wanted a Spa theme. This cake was very easy. Just bake two 9×13 in. cakes. Use 2 16 oz. tubs of white frosting. Stack the two cakes with icing in between so they stick well. Cut the middle out of the top one, big enough to fit Barbie. Put the icing on the cakes.

For the Jell-O, use 2 3 oz. boxes of Berry Blue Jell-O gelatin. Prepare both boxes of gelatin according to the Jiggler recipe. Pour into an 8-inch square pan and chill. After about 30 minutes of chilling, stir Jell-O to make bubbles and ripples, let it cool the rest of the way. Don’t cool to the point it won’t jiggle well. Pour Jell-O into cake.

I used marshmallows for the hot and cold faucets. Use one big marshmallow and four small marshmallows. Use a toothpick to stick the four small marshmallows on the big one. I used tootsie rolls for the lettering but decorator’s gel will work also.

I hope you find these cake baking tips useful. Good Luck!

Cake baking tip by Tobie F., Davis, CA

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

I made this cake for my son’s third birthday party. In the goody bags I put rubber ducks, bath coloring tablets, a washcloth and a bath toy! It’s one of the more kid birthday cake ideas, and was not too difficult.

To make the water of the cake, use two boxes of blueberry Jello (lime green would look pretty too). Prepare both boxes of gelatin according to the Jiggler recipe on the packages. Pour the mixture into an 8-inch square pan and chill it. Halfway through the chilling time (about 45 to 50 minutes), whisk the gelatin vigorously to create ripples and bubbles, then let it finish chilling (about 2 more hours).

Prepare two cake mix recipes, using one flavor for the bottom half of the tub, and the second for the top. Stack the cakes, spreading a thin coating of icing between them. Alternatively, you could cut out rectangles to make the sides of the tub, but I “scooped out” the inside of the top rectangle using a flat square spatula to get a more accurate rectangle shape with a flat bottom.

Leave a 2-inch-wide border around the sides and end of the tub and a slightly wider border where the faucets will go. Frost all exposed sides, but not the bottom of the tub “floor”.

To make the faucets, use two large marshmallows and cut the edges on four sides. Attach four small marshmallows to the sides (they stick really well to the cut edges of the large marshmallow) and use icing to glue them onto the cake. For the spout use a bent paper clip (or other wire) to string on a few small marshmallows and poke it into the cake.

I used decorators’ gel to label the faucets with H and C and outline the bases. I was going to use red for the “H” but it kept running, so I used blue for both faucets.

Measure and cut the Jello to the right size and carefully transfer it into the bathtub. Use the blue gel to outline the edges for a more finished look, and then place the rubber duck in the tub. If the Jello doesn’t turn out, you can use blue-colored frosting as a backup.

Cake baking tip by Karin D., E Hartford

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

This cake was made for my second daughter’s 1st birthday.

We took two rectangle cakes and cut a 3″ x 6″ section out of the center of one of the cakes. We then covered the un-cut cake with cream cheese frosting and topped it with the cut cake, which we also covered with frosting. (Cake baking tips: putting the cut cake in the freezer before frosting will help to prevent the cut sections of the cake from pulling apart when the frosting is applied).

We then filled the center of the cake with cubes of blue raspberry Jello, which we made the night before. The faucet and sink knobs were made by attaching large and small marshmallows together with toothpicks. We topped off our ducky bath cake with a genuine rubber duck.

Of course all the kids got bath-related goody bags with washcloths, soap, tooth brush and rubber duckies of their very own!

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

Cake baking tip by Jennifer W., Rochester

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

I made this cake for a baby shower. I looked on the internet to find some cake baking tips and this is what I came up with.

I used butter cream frosting for everything except the tub feet and the soap bar which are made from fondant, the rubber duckies are made from chocolate. I gutted the middle of the cake so the water looks sunken in and used a rope border top and bottom to give shape.

Cake baking tips by Stephanie W., Cabot, AR

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

I made this cake for my husband’s grandfather. He was a plumber/inspector in his working years. He was turning 84 years old and so I wanted to make this cake for him.

Here are my cake baking tips: I made 2 sheet cakes with chocolate and French vanilla cake mixes. I cooled cakes and placed one cake onto board. I put a crumb coat on and then I placed the 2 layer on top of the other cake. I cut out a small portion of the cake in the middle so I could put the bubbles inside of it. Put a layer of icing on that one. I rolled out fondant icing and applied to cake. Smooth all sides and cut the remaining icing off.

Bathtub Cake Baking Tips

I made the tile with fondant icing as well. I applied the tile work with buttercream icing to make it stick. I then made the towel and soap with fondant icing. I colored the icing with Wilton’s icing coloring. I kneaded the icing to make the color even. Roll out and cut out the towel and soap (I repeated the same for the soap; just another color). Then I placed the towel to make it look like it was draped across the tub and placed the soap on it too.

I then made buttercream icing and colored it blue with Wilton’s icing color. I piped it out with a #7 tip to make bubbles. I waited for them to harden a little and apply a little pressure to each bubble to get rid of the point. Then I wrote DAD with #2 tip. I made the faucets with marshmallows. I used small, medium, and large marshmallows and used toothpicks to make them stay. I applied 2 M&M’s to show Hot (red) and Cold (blue) (I actually bought the wrong color M&M’s so I had to use the dark colored ones— but you can use the regular ones. I hope you enjoy using these cake baking tips and making this cake.

It was a lot of fun for me, and Grandpa LOVED it!

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