Coolest Baby in a Bath Cake

My daughter who was turning two loves babies and bath time so I combined the two themes for a Double Bubble Homemade Baby in a Bath Cake. I made two rectangular cakes from a package and stacked them on top of each other and made sure it was long enough to fit a 9X13 blue casserole dish inside.

With the extra middle pieces we filled in the gaps and covered it with cream cheese icing to look like a bathtub. The faucet handles are made and shaped from fondant. I stuck them in with toothpicks. I then mixed blue jello according to directions and whipped it with a milk frother.

While it was setting I frothed it a little more until the bubbles looked like bath bubbles and put bath toys in to set. I bought an all plastic baby from Walmart and stuck her in before the jello set.

It turned out really good and my daughter loved it.

Homemade Baby in a Bath Cake

Homemade Baby in a Bath Cake

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