Hilarious Toilet Cake

Cake photo by Kim N., Afton, NY

My nine year-old son wanted to have a “Totally Gross” birthday party. So in keeping with the theme I decided to make a toilet cake. I got the idea from a cake photo I saw on site. I used a chocolate box cake mix for the “bowl” and baked it in a glass bowl. For the “tank” I used a white box cake mix and baked two loaf pan cakes and stacked them on top of each other.

To assemble the toilet I took an egg carton for the base and used toothpicks to stack the “bowl” of the toilet on the front and the “tank” on the back. I made a hole in the toilet by cutting and scooping out the center of the cake. Then I frosted the whole thing and to make it really gross I put lemon gelatin (already soft set) with chocolate covered raisins in the “bowl”. I used foil for the handle and supported the tank with a foil covered straw which became the water pipe. I finished it off with the plunger made out of a baby’s bottle nipple and a straw.

Everyone thought the cake was awesome! The best part was when the gelatin oozed down the side as it was being cut!! I am sending you this cake photo with the hope that it will be on your wonderful website.

Gross Cake Photo

Cake photo by Susan M., Port Charlotte, FL

Toilet Cake Photo

I used two store bought Angel food cakes and one pound cake. The first cake was set upside down. I then cut a slice off the second cake to put on top as the seat.

The pound cake was used as the tank of the potty cake. Since Angel food cakes have a center hole this was great for putting in yellow jello (for the urine) and twisted tootsie rolls as…as you can see in the cake photo.

I made this cake at the request of my grandson who was turning six. Why he wanted a potty cake is beyond my imagination. We had a great Birthday Potty with toilet paper used instead of traditional streamers.

Toilet Cake Photo

Coolest Carved Cake

Cake baking tips by Leigh D., Macon, GA

Toilet Cake Photo

The idea came from a friend of mine who really challenges me to come up with cool cakes. Her now ex-husband worked for Roto-Rooter and she asked me if I had ever made a toilet shaped cake or saw such a cake photo.

I mean like, hasn’t everyone???

Baking the Cakes

It was really a simple process of purchasing the throwaway aluminum pans in the small casserole shape in the size 4″ x 7″ (approx) and the mini loaf pans that are around 6″ – 7″ long. I used an 8″ x 8″ square pan as the base. For the back of the toilet I stacked 3 of the mini loaf pans on top of each other with a thin layer of icing between each cake layer.

As you can see from the cake photo, you will need to cut off the rounded top and level the cakes so that they will sit flat. For the narrow part of the bowl I used another mini loaf pan that I also leveled off and on top of that I used one of the small casserole cakes.

Carving the Cakes

You will need to cut a few inches off of one of the narrow ends to give it the flat surface that will fit against the toilet tank. Do not level this cake, as it will need the rounded top to give the bowl the rounded shape coming from the bottom. Turn that layer upside down so that the flat bottom is at the top to make the toilet seat lid.

You will need to cut a few bamboo skewers at a length that will go all the way into the base of the cake to give it support and keep it from falling over. They should be short enough that they will not stick out of the top when you ice it. You should put at least 2 down into the tank part and two in the bowl part.

I used homemade butter cream frosting, but you can use store-bought in the tub also. I used a toothpick to draw a line around the outside of the bowl where the seat and lid would be and tinted some gray to make the handle on the tank.

Hope you enjoy this cake photo!

Toilet Cake Photo