This funniest gross birthday cake was made for my boss’ birthday. She has an unusual collection of toilet replicas (her hubby is a plumber).  The tank is the cake (strawberry) and the bowl is rice krispies. The lid and seat are made of Wilton candy melts. I poured the melts into the bottom of a cake pan for the lid, and for the seat I used the same size cake pan but put a small bowl in the middle to make the hole.

The gross stuff in the bowl is tinted yellow corn syrup and brown homemade marshmallow fondant.  The inside of the bowl is lined with fondant to keep the corn syrup from soaking in. The plunger and toilet paper roll are rice krispies molded by hand and covered in MM fondant. No one would eat it until it was disassembled and the  “POOP ” was removed from view!  It created quite a stir at work!.