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Cake by Cate D., Mt Airy, MD

Coolest Camping Cake Ideas and Photos

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a Boy Scout banquet and the first thing that came to mind was a camp cake. I used homemade fondant to make the tents, boats, sleeping bags, pillows, fire and life preservers and chocolate covered raisins and marshmallows for the rocks.

The mountain is covered in chocolate ganache and the “dirt” is grated chocolate. The trees are ice cream cones with royal icing and everything else is buttercream icing. The kids had a blast picking out which part of the great outdoors they wanted to eat!

Camping Cake
Camping Cake
Camping Cake

Cake by Sarah M., St. Charles, MO

Camping Cake

I made this camping cake for a friend who finished Boy Scout training and needed an outdoor themed cake. The tent is a Graham cracker, the fire is pretzels and red tinted coconut. The lake is icing and the path is crushed Oreos. The trees are sugar cones iced with stars.

I am big on having everything on the cake edible.

Cake by Sandra H., Gorham, ME

Camping Cake

For my son’s birthday we had a camping party and the boys slept outside. We wanted the cake to be a camping cake to suit the camping theme. This cake was really easy to make and fun too!

I used a 1/2 sheet cake pan and used a Wilton’s tip for the grass. The trees and fence came from my son’s dinosaur set. The tent is made from a Hershey’s chocolate bar split in half and I used icing to hold it together at the top. The log next to the fire is made out of a braided pretzel and the legs are one pretzel split in half. They are also held together by icing. The fire pit ring is made of malted milk balls and then there are graham cracker crumbs in the bottom. There are pretzels split in half in the middle of the fire pit and Jelly Belly Cinnamon jelly beans as the fire.

Cake by Stephanie A., Miami, IN

Camping Cake

This is a camping cake that my husband and son came up with for the father-son cake bake for cub scouts. They decided to go with a scene about boy scouts with a pond camp, fire, tents and trees for the atmosphere. Using the Tiger Cub motto of Search-Discover-Share

We baked a sheet cake frosting most of the cake a light green for grass. For the trees he took sugar cone ice cream cones, turned them over and using the small leaf tip made pine trees.

The pond was a teal blue color with gold fish crackers swimming. The tents were pop tarts broke in half and held together with icing at the top. For the camp fire he used Red Hots for coals, crushed Oreos for ash, pretzel rods for the logs on the fire and he used tootsie rolls for the logs around the camp fire to sit on.

They won a blue ribbon and a wooden spoon for the best design. I was so proud of them!

Cake by Jennifer S., Caledonia, MI

Camping Cake

This camping cake was made for my son’s 4th birthday. His party was called “Camp Turnin’ Four” at our home. I kept this one really simple but it turned out really cute! It could really be vamped up, but the nice part about this one is that it’s quite simple.

I used a disposable sheet cake pan for the base and covered it with chocolate frosting. I tinted coconut with green food coloring for the grass and blue frosting for the “Pond”.

I used tootsie rolls for logs (rolled a couple out for fire logs) and gumdrops for the fire pit. I used play Mobil campers for the people and canoe and creative memories stickers placed on toothpicks for the bears signs, duck, fish and trees.

Camping Cake

Cake by Jennifer S., Highland Heights, KY

Camping Cake

This camping cake idea came to me from my son. He wanted me to make a cake for Blue and Gold Day for Cub Scouts. His favorite thing to do is camp, so a cake is born.

I used two 9×13 cakes (one yellow, one chocolate) iced them in a grass green then added jelly-bean “rocks” and tufts of grass. The people were made from rolled fondant and the tents from melted chocolate. The trees are pretzel rods with sugar cones covered in icing. I used piping gel tinted blue for the lake and small pretzel sticks for the campfire. The rest is all imagination!!

TIP: make fondant people and other fun cake designs the day before starting cake.