Coolest Camping Cake

I made this camping cake for my 40 year old niece.

For the toppers:

I shaped the caravan out of white modeling paste, then added the windows and the door from gray fondant. Using black modeling paste, I made two tires, attached them to the caravan and then set it aside to dry.

Next I made the trees. First, I made three cones in different sizes out of modeling paste. I stuck a dowel into the center of each cone and then attached tree trunks. I let the trees harden overnight and then attached leaves the next day. Using green modeling paste I cut out large daisies, trimmed of each petal and flattened them out. I then attached them to the domes one by one,  starting at the bottom until I reached the top.

I rolled out a billboard, a bench and three logs, so that my people had somewhere to sit. I modeled the people sitting on the logs and then set them aside to harden.

I sculpted the dogs and cut out some flowers.

For the cake:

I baked 2x A4 sized cakes and a 4″round cake for the hill. When these were chilled, I filled them with jam and buttercream. I placed the 4″ cake on top and cut it to form the hill. I then covered the whole cake in buttercream and placed in the freezer to chill. Meanwhile, I colored some fondant green and rolled this out big enough to cover the cake and the cake board.

The next day I rolled out some blue fondant for the stream and attached it to the cake. I attached the caravan and the trees and made some stepping stones for the stream. I piped grass around the base of the cake and along the stream with a grass piping tip and randomly attached flowers to it.

I added the billboard and the people and then I made the fire and stones. The bench, two dogs and more stones got added next.

I made a few more trees along the back edge of the cake, the number 40 and added cut out ‘Happy Birthday’ lettering to the cake board.

The cake was finally finished.

My niece loved it!




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