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Cake by Sandra P., Calgary, AB

Coolest Scout Cakes Ideas and Photos

My husband and my oldest son made this cake for the “Feller’s Cake Bake” – a yearly tradition for our annual Baden Powell Banquet. He used two boxes of white cake mix (my son’s choice). The body of the shirt is one rectangular 9×13 with some pieces added on from the other cake to complete the shape of the shirt and the sleeves.

He used standard butter cream icing to join the pieces together and then iced the whole cake to even out any seams. All of the decorations are done in fondant colored with paste food coloring (man that was a lot of kneading!) This was their first try at scout cakes and they won a ribbon for “Best Overall”! Happy cake making everyone!

Cake by Beth C., Deerfield, NH

Scout Cakes

I made this cake for my son’s cub scout Blue and Gold banquet. I wanted to make a cake that had all the badges on it. I used a 14″ square pan. I used two boxes of cake mix, probably should have used three as it wasn’t as thick as I’d like.

I frosted it all in buttercream. I just freehanded all the designs using his shirt as a guide. This was my first try at scout cakes and the boys all loved it.

Cake by Teresa C., Lenoir, NC

Scout Cakes

I borrowed heavily from Mary Kay C’s ideas for scout cakes. I made this cake in a 9×11 pan. I made the entire try-its and insignia from purchased rolled fondant. I used the actual insignia to make the pattern and I cut them out with a pastry cutter. I drew the Try-It pictures on with Foodoodlers. These were all Try-it’s my troop had earned this year.

The lettering in the insignia was done with butter cream icing. I frosted the sides of the cake smooth with buttercream frosting tinted cornflower blue. I then outlined the vest with chocolate buttercream and filled it in with stars. I filled in the rest of the cake with blue stars and placed all the insignia on.

Cake by Teri S., APO AE

Scout Cakes

I made this cake for my Brownie Troop’s first Court of Awards. It is a simple sheet cake cut to size. I just used piped frosting for the patches and decoration fondant would have been much better!

Cake by MaryKay C., Kiev, Ukraine

Scout Cakes

I made this cake for our Brownie Troop’s Court of Awards ceremony at the end of the year. The cake is two chocolate mixes prepared according to directions in a rectangular pan. I then frosted the cake in white butter cream icing and let it set. Brownie cake sash is fondant tinted brown (I didn’t have access to read-made chocolate fondant, but that would probably be preferable than kneading brown paste food coloring into white fondant).

Three days earlier I had made the Brownie insignia and Try-it badges. The insignia is made from tootsie rolls (put them in the microwave for 5-10 seconds before rolling out). Writing on insignia is in white chocolate using a very small pinhole tip. The Brownie Try-It badges are made from fondant. Roll out your fondant between two skewers — to ensure even thickness. Then use pizza wheel to cut out the triangles. Pipe on melted chocolate to outline the try-its. Then use paintbrush with paste food coloring and food gel (and/or Food Doodler markers) to paint on the Try-It paint the Try-It badges your troop did this year.

Featured on this cake are Try-its for Listening to the Past, Puppets, Music, Girl Scout Ways, Art to Wear, Dancercise, among others.

Good luck with your own Girl/Boy scout cakes!

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