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Casual Seaside Cake

This by the seaside cake caused us some trouble. When we took it out of the pan the whole corner broke off, but we glued it back together with icing. It was quite an easy fix.

Seaside Cake Instructions

  • The first thing we did was bake a basic vanilla cake.The recipe had 4 1/2 stars so it sounded like it would be good.
  • Next we cooled the cake and made icing sugar from scratch. That turned out a little gritty, so we went to the store and got some proper icing sugar and made our icing.
  • The icing was buttercream it was so yummy! 😀
  • The icing colors we made were light blue, blue, pink, grey, and green.
  • We iced the cake with a Wilton tip 789 and used a 16 inch Wilton featherweight bag. They are reusable.
  • Then we put the rocks, seaweed, and starfish on the cake.
  • Finally, we added the shells.

I recommend going to one of the Wilton courses. They are very informal and fun. The teacher we had was very nice and helpful.

That’s it for my write up. Thanks for reading. 😝

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