Coolest Me to You Teddy Bears Cake

Homemade Me to You Teddy Bears Cake

I did this Me to You Teddy Bears Cake for a girl who is a great fan of the Me to You teddy bears. First of all I did the bears two days beforehand so that they would dry up. I made two sugarpaste balls one on top of each other and attached the arms, … Read more

Awesome Homemade Pink Baby Shower Cake Design

Homemade Baby Shower Cake Design

A friend asked me to make this Baby Shower Cake Design, the only thing I had to go on was that it needed to be pink! I had a rough idea in mind, but it actually took two weeks to make all the little squares, which are made from sugar paste. I also made individual … Read more

Coolest Homemade 3D Baby Basinet Cake for a Baby Shower

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

This homemade baby shower cake was the 1st cake I ever did… The bottom is (doubled) 1/2 sheet chocolate cake. The second layer is (doubled) 8″ round white cake. Both are covered with butter cream and fondant… the booties, animals, ruffles, diaper bag, ribbons and everything else is fondant. The bassinet is rice krispie treats … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cupcakes

Homemade Rubber Ducky Cupcakes

This was my first attempt at cupcakes for anything other than myself and my husband. I made these rubber ducky cupcakes for my sister-in-laws baby shower. I made a batch of yellow cake and a batch of chocolate cake. I filled each cupcake liner with 1/2 yellow and 1/2 chocolate cake so they would have … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake 45

Homemade Rubber Ducky Cake

This Rubber Ducky cake I made for my friend’s baby shower. I started with a 14″ round cake for the bottom and the 3D rubber ducky cake pan from Wilton. I cut a piece of cardboard to slightly larger than the bottom of the duck and placed it in the middle of the cake. I … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

Homemade Rubber Ducky Cake

I used a cake mix and the Wilton 3D ducky cake pan for this Rubber ducky cake. After baking it, I noticed that the cake did not expand to fill the whole pan. That made it a little lopsided, so I trimmed it to make it look more proportional. I made this cake for my … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

Rubber Ducky Cake

I made this rubber ducky cake for my son’s first birthday – he loves his rubber ducky! I had about 30 guests and needed a big cake. The bottom tier is 12 inches, middle 9″ and top 6″. I used store bought cake mixes and canned “pure white” icing. Each layer was stacked using cake … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

Rubber Ducky Cake

I made this Rubber Ducky cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I used the Wilton Ducky cake pan with a box mix, baking directions came with cake pan. I used butter cream icing and colored the icing with Wilton, which colors to use also came with the cake pan. I decorated with a star tip … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

Rubber Ducky Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make her daughter’s first birthday cake. The party theme was Rubber Duckys. I wanted to make a large rubber ducky cake, but couldn’t find the Wilton 3D cake pan when I needed it( Even though I had seen it before, I took a whole morning calling all the … Read more

Coolest Rubber Duckie Cake

Rubber Duckie Cake

I made a three layer 10″ round cake and frosted it with blue buttercream. I made the duck using the Wilton 3D duck pan. I frosted that with yellow buttercream using the star tip. I covered the beak in orange marshmallow fondant, which everyone thought was plastic, and used mini blue m&m’s for the eyes. … Read more

Duckies in a Pond Cake

Duckies in a Pond Baby Shower Cake

My cousin needed a cake for her baby shower. Her sister and I were recruited to make one. Her nursery theme was “little pond” so we thought a pond cake would be fitting. The cake is a 10×10 pan using two vanilla cake mixes. The nest and log are tootsie rolls and the bullrushes are … Read more