Easy Last Minute Batman Cake

This Batman cake was a last minute type cake.  It was my oldest son’s eighth birthday and I didn’t have a thing  together for his party! I was still  getting used to raising twin babies! So, I grabbed a few things I had in the house and ran to the local craft store to get two other things.

  • I used boxed cake mix and followed the directions.
  • I made two sheet cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla.
  • Then, I cut them in half and stuck them back together to equal a whole sheet (made 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla).
  • I used a can of vanilla icing and added yellow gel food color.

Decorating the Cake

  • I bought a sheet of thin black fondant and cut out the Bat and my son’s name and age.
  • I had left over bat candies from Halloween and  used those to sprinkle over the rest of the cake! This was sooooooo simple.
  • I added a few Batman toys around it to give a little extra decoration.
  • And of course, I made a few cupckes and also sprinkled them with the bat candies.
  • I used an old number 8 candle that was green and painted it black with a little gold glitter. It looked great and the kids and adults were both impressed.

If you have a Batman fan, I suggest picking up some bat candies or sprinkles around Halloween or on clearance after.  The cost of this cake was as cheap as it was easy. This one is a great cake for those who have little or no experience and are on a budget.  It was literally pulled together in a couple of hours with very little money.

Nobody could believe the story I told about how I pulled this cake together, but I assure you that is exactly how it was done, and with baby twins pulling at my legs the entire time!

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