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Batman Birthday Cake for a ‘Batday’ Party

For my husband’s 34th birthday, we threw him a ‘Batday’ party. I made the cake because we all know homemade is better! He is the world’s biggest Batman fan, so picking the theme for the party was easy! We already had homemade Batman party decorations from a previous celebration and naturally all of his gifts were centered around Batman. So now we just had to incorporate some Batman party foods.

His mom cut a bat symbol out of a hollowed out watermelon and filled it with fruit and made 2-Face Deviled Eggs. For the cake I made a two-layer round devils food cake. I combined a few cake doctor recipe tops, such as adding an extra egg, a box of instant chocolate pudding, using melted butter instead of oil, milk in lieu of water, and adding vanilla. I then covered the cake in Peanut Butter Buttercream frosting (my husband’s favorite). I made the frosting by substituting some of the butter in my buttercream recipe with creamy organic peanut butter. I colored the frosting yellow and applied it to the cake using my star attachment on my dessert decorator tool. Next, I worked on coloring my fondant black, which was more challenging than I expected considering I ended up combining all my food colors and adding more and more until I achieved the desired color. Hindsight being what it is, next time I will search for black fondant at the store to avoid that entire step and prevent and/or wear gloves when dying fondant in the future. When I finished washing the food color from my hands, I rolled it out and cut out a bat symbol, using a paper stencil I had drawn and an exacto knife, then placed if on the cake. It was my first time working with fondant and I realized it’s basically just sugary play-doh it was a lot of fun. My husband absolutely loves his cake. It looked awesome and tasted delicious!

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