Coolest Bear Christening Cake

Homemade Bear Christening Cake

I baked this Bear Christening cake for my daughter’s friend for a Christening. I started by making the bear’s body, arms, legs and head. I then pushed a cocktail stick through the body, cut off some of the stick so it didn’t protrude through the head. I then attached the head. When the head was … Read more

Coolest Flowers Giant Cupcake

Homemade Flowers Giant Cupcake

Flower giant cup cake. Ingredients: 16oz self raising flour 16oz caster sugar 16oz margarine 8 eggs Vanilla essence 3tbs milk Set oven on gas 3. Mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl, until well mixed then put on high speed for about 5 minutes. Grease the giant cup cake mold well with butter … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

This guitar cake was made to match a favorite guitar. I baked 2 11×15-in cakes and layered them together. To make the guitar shape, I really struggled with how to get an image that big, but then I remembered…my 5-year-old daughter had a little Barbie Fender guitar!! So I used it to trace an image … Read more

Coolest Barbie Ball Cake

Homemade Barbie Ball Cake

My friend’s daughter was turning 5 and she wanted to make her a doll’s cake. I simply love these sort of cakes and since I saw her a bit worried on how she could do it, I offered to do it for her, an offer which she accepted immediately!. She told me that her daughter’s … Read more

Coolest Bird Watching Cake

Homemade  Bird Watching Cake

My dad loves to watch the birds in the garden so I thought this year I would make him a Homemade Bird Watching Cake. I baked the cake in a 2 pint pudding bowl left to cool overnight then I crumb coated it and put in fridge to cool. Meanwhile the icing to cover the … Read more

Coolest Flower Cake

Homemade Flower Cake

I started this Homemade Flower Cake by making the flowers and leaves, this was the first time I had made them. I coloured some flower paste icing in green and yellow, always store unused flower icing in a sealed bag because it dries out really quick. I used cutters I had bought and cut the … Read more

Coolest Peace Sign Cake

Homemade Peace Sign Cake

I made this Homemade Peace Sign Cake for my husband’s little cousin’s 14th birthday. It is 2 12-inch round layers. The top layer is trimmed out to give it a more “3D” look. I covered it in tie dye fondant (it’s purple and blue, but my camera kept making it come out gray-looking) and placed … Read more

Coolest My Little Pony House Cake

Homemade My Little Pony House Cake

I saw this My Little Pony House Cake on Debbie Brown’s book “Lovable Characters Cakes” and fell in love with it instantly. By coincidence the daughter of a friend of mine wanted me to do her a cake with a My Little Pony theme and therefore I made it for her. I baked 2 23cm … Read more

Coolest Baby Shoe Cake

Homemade Baby Shoe Cake

I started this Homemade Baby Shoe Cake by making the shoes with flower paste. This dries really hard. These were the left to dry out. Then I baked a 10″ and a 8″ Madeira cake and set aside to cool for a day. I needed a 14″ cake drum and a 8″ thin cake board, … Read more

Coolest Daisy Cake

Homemade  Daisy Cake

This Daisy cake was made for my friend’s granddaughter for her 3rd birthday. I started by making two butterflies out of flower paste and left them to harden, then I coloured them in with edible colour paste and added a it of glitter. I baked 3x 8” sandwich cakes and they were left to go … Read more

Coolest Homemade Star Cake

Homemade Star Cake

This Homemade Star Cake was made for a customer’s girlfriend. I used the Wilton star pan and trimmed it back a little because the points needed to be longer. Each point is starred with buttercream, and the black lines are buttercream as well. All of the pictures and the OES are hand sculpted fondant that … Read more

Cute Homemade Betty Boop Cake

Homemade Betty Boop Cake

Probably you will not believe me but actually I did this cake for a 20th birthday party!. The cake is very simple because I only had to bake it in a heart shaped cake tin, put it on a heart shaped cake board and then cover it with white sugarpaste and put a red sugarpaste … Read more