Cool Homemade Pucca Birthday Cake

Homemade Pucca Birthday Cake

I wanted to do a Pucca Birthday Cake which would look great but at the same time I didn’t have a lot of time to spare. Therefore I thought of just doing a normal cake and just place a stenciled Pucca on it. I baked a round chocolate cake and covered it in pink sugarpaste. … Read more

Coolest Giant Cup Cake Idea

Homemade Giant Cup Cake Idea

This is the first time Ihave made a giant cup cake. I hired a cake tin from a local cake decorating shop, it only cost me £2 to hire for 2 days. This is the recipe I used: 16oz self raising flour 16oz sugar 16oz butter 8eggs vanilla essence Baked at gas #3, just below … Read more

Coolest Car Cake

Homemade Car Cake

I started by making the car on the Homemade Car Cake. My son’s wife e mailed me some pictures of their car so I could make it out of icing. I started with a small block of white icing and added some flower paste icing this helps the icing to harden. I kneaded this well … Read more

Coolest Monkey Birthday Cake

Homemade Monkey Birthday Cake

I made this Monkey birthday cake for my youngest son’s 1st birthday. I used the Wilton Monkey pan to bake it. I iced the sides in white icing and then made the outlines on the cake with tip #3. I tinted some icing brown and some with a tiny bit of peach and brown and … Read more

Coolest Penguin Birthday Cake

Homemade Penguin Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Penguin Birthday Cake for a friend that collects penguin-themed items. It’s a 2 layer round cake. I made the igloo from the cake scraps and a little icing, and the “doorway” is made of fondant. I sculpted all the little penguins from fondant. There are penguins placed around the sides and … Read more

Coolest Pucca Birthday Cake

Homemade Pucca Birthday Cake

Funnily enough when I was asked to do a cake of Pucca I had never seen this character before and so I was afraid that it was something difficult to do but as soon as I downloaded a picture of her from the internet I was releaved because it is extremely simple. First of all … Read more

Coolest Peppa Pig Cake

Homemade Peppa Pig Cake

This Peppa Pig Cake was made for a friend of mine for her granddaughter, she loves Peppa Pig. I stared by making Peppa and George pig. I colored some roll out icing in red for Peppa’s clothes and some blue for George’s clothes. I molded these into cone shapes, the red one slightly bigger. I … Read more

Coolest Spurs Football Cake

Homemade Spurs Football Cake

I started by baking a 10inch square sponge cake, this was then left to go completely cool. I then split in half lengthways and spread one half with jam and the other with butter cream and sandwiched them together. I placed a blob of butter cream onto the cake board to attach the cake to … Read more

Coolest Snake Birthday Cake

Homemade Snake Birthday Cake

I made this Snake Birthday Cake for a friend that has a “reptile zoo.” This was made to replicate her red tailed boa. It’s 3 single layers of cake (head and tail were molded from the scraps), and I covered it in chocolate fondant.

Coolest Smurfiette’s House Cake

Homemade Smurfiette's House Cake

I did this Smurfiette’s House Cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I was reading one of Debbie Brown’s books and when my daughter saw the image of this cake she immediately fell in love with it although she never saw any Smufs cartoons before. Actually the cake consists of two bowl cakes, one being slightly … Read more

Coolest Peppa Pig in Mud Cake

Homemade Peppa Pig in Mud Cake

I started this Peppa Pig in mud cake by making the pigs. I made a large cone shape for Peppa pig’s body in red fondant and then did the same with some blue fondant for George pig. I then colored some fondant enough to make the pig’s heads, arms and tails. I molded their heads … Read more

Coolest Football Team Cake

Homemade Football Team Cake

I baked 2 x 8 inch sponge cakes, these were then left to cool. On one cake I spread jam and on the other I spread butter cream, these were then sandwiched together. I then placed it on a plate and covered in butter cream and then placed in the fridge to chill. While the … Read more