I made this snowy wonderland cake for a little girl’s birthday party. Any guesses on what her theme was? That’s right, Frozen. I wanted to make the cake following the theme, but also give her something different and fun. The snowflake is edible, along with all the jewels.

  • I started with a 9 inch bottom and a 6 inch top marbled vanilla and chocolate cake.
  • A few days before, I rolled out gum paste. I used a large cookie cutter to cut out the snowflake and left it alone to dry.
  • I then covered the cakes in white fondant and before stacking, rolled out baby blue fondant (not too thinly) and cut out a flowing look so when placed over top it hung down almost like heavy snow on a tree branch.
  • I used a little bit more gum paste to mount a popsicle stick to the back of the snowflake and left that to dry too.
  • Using royal icing, I piped all the way around the parts of the fondant where the two colors met and using a coarse paint brush lightly pulled it down to make the icy affect. This is also how I did the color on the snowflake.
  • I used some edible silver balls to add a more crystal look and voilà!