Cool Homemade 2-Tier Monster Birthday Cake

Homemade Monster Birthday Cake

Since my grandson was having his birthday party in a place called Monster Golf, I decided to make a topsy turvy cake with a monster-theme design. I made layer cakes, stacked them up and then decorated them with buttercream icing. The cake was finally airbrushed with the colors and I was satisfied with the results. … Read more

Coolest Mummy Cake

Mummy Cake

I used the round pan for this mummy cake. I made the mix from Duncan Hines and once cooled I frosted the sides. I filled in the area in black icing and placed mini marshmallows in for the eyes and mouth then with the leaf tip I did the strips across the face. It took … Read more

Coolest Homemade Halloween Cake Ideas and Photos 6

I made this Halloween cake for my boys. I made a traditional vanilla cake from Joy of Cooking cookbook and classic buttercream frosting. The cats were made out of circular cake pans and I just used cake corners for their ears. I got the cat faces from some Halloween Decorations with a little of my … Read more

Coolest Haunted House Birthday Cake

Homemade Haunted House Birthday Cake

Since my son’s birthday is in the beginning of October, and Halloween is his favorite holiday, it was only a matter of time before he requested a Halloween style birthday. We opted for a Haunted House Birthday Cake. I found a Wilton Cake pan that was already a haunted house and followed the basic cake … Read more

Coolest Pumpkin Cake

Homemade Pumpkin Cake

This Pumpkin Cake is a chocolate wedding cake I did for a close friend of mine. Firstly I cooked 6 round cakes and stacked them up, filled in between each one with thick choc butter cream then carved the cake into a pumpkin shape. When covering with icing I pushed it up to give the … Read more

Coolest Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake

This was my first attempt at making a fondant cake. Next time I do a cake in fondant, I will try something less ambitious. I made 2 pumpkin spice bundt cakes and inverted one on top of the other. I did a crumb coat in buttercream frosting and then laid on the layer of orange … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pumpkin Cake Ideas and Photos 3

I got my idea because as a family tradition we get together every year to go pumpkin picking and than back to carve them out. I wanted to make a pumpkin cake to take a dessert so I searched it out on the net and asked a baking friend what ideas she had for me. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pumpkin Cakes 7

I made this cake for my sister in-law for a Halloween party at work in an adult foster home. The great pumpkin, the biggest one, I used two chocolate bunt cake pans. The frosting is buttercream I made. For the hay bales I used peanut butter chips and La Choy noodles. Melt the peanut butter … Read more

Skull and Crossbones Cake

Skull and Crossbone Cake

This Skull cake is a great cake for any Pirate fan. This was my five year old son’s choice of cake this year. Nice easy design and only two colors of icing. How simple can you get?

Coolest Skull and Cross Bones Cake

Homemade Skull and Cross Bones Cake

I made 50 cupcakes and a 6″ smash cake for a friend’s daughter’s fifth birthday. I made 25 strawberry mix cupcakes, 25 chocolate mix cupcakes, and the 6″ smash cake was strawberry. I tied black, pink and white ribbon into bows around each cupcake liner. I made homemade buttercream icing with the C&H Sugar recipe. … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Idea for a Skull-Shaped Cake 3

This is a free cake decorating idea that I made for my daughters grade 7 Halloween party. It was a big hit. I used a star tip for the rest of the head. With the chocolate frosting I drew outlines on the face to make everything pop. The spider was made out of a chocolate … Read more

Coolest Witch Doll Cake

Homemade Witch Doll Cake

I had some left over candy, icing, and things from Halloween and wanted to try something different. I made her hat from an ice-cream cone. I ended up raffling the witch doll cake at work and donated the money to children miracle net work. The purple spider web was an edible image I ordered on … Read more

Coolest Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake for my cousin’s 8th birthday. It started simple enough with a phone call asking if I knew of anyone who could do a 3D skeleton cake. Of course I figured that’s easy! Anyway of course it took on a life of its own! This cake was only … Read more

Coolest Flag Birthday Cake

Homemade Flag Birthday Cake

I made this Confederate Flag cake for my sister-in-law Shawna’s 38th birthday. This was the second cake I had ever made but I must say now I am hooked! She personally requested this theme cake but, let me make it quite clear, we are not in the least racist. I started with a normal chocolate … Read more

Coolest Homemade Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes 4

This cake was made from three complete white cake mixes to form three layers, two of which I added red or blue food coloring and one was left white to give the inside a red, white, and blue effect. I got the idea from a magazine cover with patriotic cakes, published during my husbands deployment … Read more

Coolest Homemade Patriotic Cupcake Recipes and Photos 0

Bake per box instructions.  (I used white cake mix and stirred in four tablespoons of red/white/blue decorating sprinkles as cup cake decorations.)  Make butter cream icing and tint 1/3 royal blue/, 1/3 white, and 1/3 red.  Using decorator # 33, pull out blue “fireworks” around outside edge.  Then do a circle of white.  Finish with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Turkey Cake

Homemade Turkey Cake

I made this Turkey cake for Thanksgiving and quite a few people had to look twice. I made it out of pound cake and covered it with fondant.

Coolest Homemade Jack Skellington Cake

Homemade Jack Skellington Cake

This Homemade Jack Skellington Cake was made for my daughter on her 16th, she is mad about Nightmare Before Christmas and I thought I’d give it ago. I used a 12inch square Madeira cake and a 10inch round. All what you see on the cake is made from fondant icing, Jack was made in sections … Read more

Coolest Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Homemade Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

I love to make cakes. Halloween is a really great time to get adventurous with baking and my kids love the Nightmare Before Christmas; we always watch the film at Halloween. This cake has two tiers, one chocolate with the crumbled flaked on the top, and one lemon with a lemon curd filling. It was … Read more