Coolest Slot Machine Cake Idea

Homemade Slot Machine Cake Idea

This Slot Machine Cake Idea was a first for me. My Mom turned 75 and she loves slots, so I went for it. This was very large. I used 2 whole sheets ( 4 halves) for the base and 4 10″ rounds for the top, domed section. I used chocolate whipped icing for the inside … Read more

Coolest Money Stack Cake

Homemade Money Stack Cake

This money stack cake was inspired by a cake I found on here. I only used two 9×13 pans which made 3 loaves. I used a dab of Kelly green icing color to achieve mint green fondant to match the money. The edible images I received from Edible Rainbow Cakes. I truly enjoyed making this. … Read more

Cool Homemade Poker Table Cake Design

Poker Table

This was my first attempt to make a Poker themed cake. It was for a groom’s cake for a couple who was not having a wedding, but was celebrating with a wedding party. They were going to fly to Vegas for their honeymoon. The poker table cake is made with two hexagon-shaped pans, in chocolate … Read more

Cool Homemade 2-Tier Poker Birthday Cake

Homemade Poker Birthday Cake

This Poker Birthday Cake was my first time using fondant, but it was pretty fun. I used gum paste to make the cards, then added the details by dipping a toothpick into food coloring and hand drawing them. We put a 4″ round double layer cake on an 8″square cake.

Coolest Homemade Cards and Poker Table Las Vegas Cakes 6

I made this cake for my husbands 30th birthday. I had a poker theme, so searched Las Vegas cakes, as my husband loves poker and wanted to make a cake to go along with it. I made a three layer cake alternating chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and frosted the layers with chocolate butter cream icing. For … Read more

Coolest Slot Machine Cake

Homemade Slot Machine Cake

This Homemade Slot Machine Cake is a cake for my father-in-law’s 75th birthday. He like going to the casino and playing the slots so what better cake than this. I made a white cake with strawberry buttercream filling and covered it with green buttercream. I bought those chocolate coins from party city and spread it … Read more

Coolest Money Cake

Homemade Money Cake

I made this homemade money cake for a graduate with an economics degree. I made 7 bundles of money but you can make as many bundles as you wish. Step 1 – Order edible photo copies of $100 bills. I used They came 3 to a sheet, so I ordered 3 sheets and had … Read more

Coolest Poker Cake

Dave's 21st Birthday Poker Cake

I used an 11×15 cake pan and used two boxed cake mixes. All of the decorations on the poker cake are edible. I made the playing cards and dice out of white chocolate and colored with edible marker. The poker chips are rolled fondant and colored with edible marker. The red and black suit lay-ons … Read more

Coolest Holdem Poker Table Cake

Homemade Holdem Poker Table Cake

I made this Holdem Poker Table Cake with 2 11 x 18 sheet cakes, 2 10″ round, and 1 13 x 9 sheet cake. They were yellow cake with a buttercreme frosting. The cards and money tops where made from edible paper. The chips, face down cards and rail was made of MM fondant. The … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cards and Poker Table Las Vegas Cakes 7

My youngest Daughter just turned 22 and loves to play cards. Texas HoldEm is her favorite and I made these Las Vegas cakes for her birthday party. I used plastic poker chips with adhesive letters to spell out Happy Birthday and her name. Chocolate coin chips were used and making the Roulette consisted of just … Read more

Coolest Slot Machine Triple Diamond Birthday Cake

Homemade Slot Machine Triple Diamond Birthday Cake

This Slot Machine Triple Diamond Birthday Cake is a cake I made for my mother in law’s 70th birthday. It was a vanilla cake with homemade raspberry filling covered in gray fondant. (However, I got the fondant a little thin and it ripped a little during the 3 hour drive.) The diamonds I hand traced … Read more

Coolest Money and Coin-Shaped Creative Cake Ideas 0

My best friends daughter wanted a cake having to do with “Money” for her 10th birthday so I found a picture of a money bag on the internet and thought this would be neat to have the chocolate money coming out the top. I used a box cake and butter cream icing. The ties on … Read more

Cool Homemade Poker Table Birthday Cake

Homemade Poker Table Birthday Cake

I used two 8″ square cake pans. The cake was banana nut made from scratch, but one box of cake mix can be used. After I split and filled the cakes I put the Poker Table Birthday Cake in the refrigerator. A few hours later I carved one corner of the cake to round it … Read more

Coolest Casino Cards Birthday Cake

Homemade  Casino Cards Birthday Cake

This Casino Cards Birthday Cake was my very first cake, I made it for my boyfriend for his birthday. Two layers of Martha Stewart Buttercake cut in half, so 4 layers in total. Filling was 2 layers of fresh raspberry and marscapone cheese and one layer of Bailey’s flavored buttercream, the cooked sugar and egg … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cards and Poker Table Las Vegas Cakes 8

The idea for this cake came from the Wilton yearbook. I needed to make some modifications to the cake as it serves only 17. I used a 15″ hexagon cake pan with 2 cake-mixes in each pan using a “pound/wedding” cake recipe. Once each cake was prepared I stacked them on a 16″ round cake … Read more

Coolest Slot Machine Cake

Coolest Slot Machine Cake

I made this Slot Machine Cake for my friend’s 30th birthday party. We gave her a surprise Vegas-themed party. I used a 13×9 for the main body, and a 9″ round for the top & tray. I did all of the letters and numbers using a run-out technique. About a week before the party, I … Read more

Coolest Money and Coin-Shaped Creative Cake Ideas 1

This is a three-layer cake. The two bottom cakes are a little larger then the top layer. To make the silver icing I added all the colours to white icing and mixed them well. The year on the cake is my Fathers Birthday, 1949. He is a coin collector and loves chocolate…

Cool Homemade Poker Birthday Cake

Homemade Poker Birthday Cake

I made this Poker Birthday Cake for my mom’s birthday. I used two 8 inch round pans. I used buttercream icing. For the cards and poker chips I used a marshmallow fondant. It was my first time working with fondant, but I am excited to use it again! It is not the best cake but … Read more

Coolest Las Vegas Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Las Vegas Birthday Cake Idea

My friend Katy wanted to go to Vegas for her 26th Birthday but due to lack of funds she couldn’t go so I made her a Las Vegas Birthday Cake Idea instead. I made 2 round cakes from a choc mud cake box mix in different sizes. Then I covered them both in chocolate fondant. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cards and Poker Table Las Vegas Cakes 9

My brother is slightly obsessed with poker, so when we had a little birthday party for him I decided to make him a poker cake. I simply made a regular box cake, which I frosted green to look like a poker table. Then I frosted graham crackers with white frosting for the cards, which I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Slot Machine Special Occasion Cakes 0

This is one of those special occasion cakes. It took me five hours to do all the detailing with the fondant. All I knew was I needed a slot machine for my co-workers mom’s 60th birthday so I cut two rectangle cakes and staked them together until it looked like a slot machine. I then … Read more

Coolest Money and Coin-Shaped Creative Cake Ideas 2

I used a 13 x 19 cake pan and cut the shape of a dollar sign out of the cake. I had an edible picture made of my brother on a $100 bill and accented it with chocolate poker chips and chocolate cards. This was my second go at a creative cake of this kind … Read more

Coolest Royal Flush Cake

Homemade Royal Flush Cake

This Royal Flush cake was made for a friend’s brother who owns a local bar and is big into POKER! It was his 40th birthday and they were having a big bash for him. The cake is made up of 4 9X13 cakes (two on the bottom,two on top). It was iced with the Wilton … Read more

Cool Homemade Poker Chip Cake

Homemade Poker Chip Cake

I decided to surprise my daughter’s boyfriend and make him a cake for his 25th birthday. He likes to play poker so I figured I would try to make a poker chip cake. I used 2 round cakes. I then used buttercream icing to cover both cakes. I used colored fondant for the cake as … Read more