Coolest Gift Bag Birthday Cake

Homemade Gift Bag Birthday Cake

I baked an 11 x 15 sheet cake using 2 boxes of cake mix, so that it would bake high. I cut the cake into 4 equal pieces, filled and frosted the layers with butter-cream, stacked them 4 high on top of 4 layers of cardboard covered in floral printed foil paper. I hammered a … Read more

Cool Homemade Coach Purse Cake

Homemade Coach Purse Cake

This was my second purse cake. This cake is a life size purse. I started off by baking two half sheet cakes. I cut the two cakes in half and stacked the four rectangle shaped cakes into four layers. Each layer was about one in a half to two inches tall with butter cream in … Read more

Cool Homemade Suitcase Cake

Homemade Suitcase Cake

I made this Suitcase Cake for a friend’s Wedding Shower. It’s a double-layer cake — 9 x 13, one layer chocolate sheet cake, one layer vanilla sheet cake, with a whipped-cream layer between with pink buttercream icing (Wilton’s recipe). The marble effect of the icing was actually just due to poor mixing, but it looked … Read more

Coolest Purse Birthday Cake

Homemade Purse and Coin Purse Birthday Cake

I got the instructions for this Purse Birthday Cake from “Howdini”. I used one 9 inch round for the purse and used some of the leftover cake to make the coin purse. I used licorice for the handles, fruit by the foot and candy heart paper (bought at Cracker Barrel) for the decorations. I used … Read more

Coolest Designer Style Handbag Birthday Cake

Homemade Designer Style Handbag Birthday Cake

I was asked to design a Designer Style Handbag Birthday Cake for my mother-in-law’s friend as a surprise birthday cake. I started off with a Wilton book cake tin and baked 1 kg of Madeira cake mix in it and left to cool. Once cooled completely, I split the “book” in half down the centre … Read more

Unique Cake Ideas for Purse-Shaped Cakes 3

I made this Radley handbag as a leaving gift for a work colleague. It was a real unique cake. I made it using a large square cake tin which I then cut into a trapezium shape. A very handy hint is to ice the cake by lying it down flat on one side onto the … Read more

Coolest Purse-Shaped Girls Birthday Cake Ideas 7

My daughter requested a pink cake, no preference as to what, just pink girls birthday cake, for her ninth birthday. She is into the makeup thing and loves purses so we thought of a purse. We made two 9×12 cakes, one chocolate and one fun confetti. Cut them in half length wise then stacked them … Read more

Coolest Backpack Cake

Backpack Cake

This backpack cake was made for a co-worker of my dad’s who was going backpacking across Canada. It’s a 1 layer 9×13 yellow cake. I found a picture on the web of Backpack from Dora the Explorer and used it as my inspiration. I cut the cake into a backpack shape, iced it with a … Read more

Coolest Purse and Shoes Cake

Homemade Purse and Shoes Cake

This Purse and Shoes Cake is made with vanilla cake mix and home made butter cream icing, 1/2 butter, 1/2 vegetable shortening. The handle is made with fondant and so are the shoes. The letters are candy, the rose and flowers are fondant. This cake was made for my daughter who turned 8 today.

Coolest Purse Cake

Homemade Zebra Purse Cake

I made this purse cake for a little 13 year old birthday and she loved it. I made it with a 1/4 sheet cake pan and sectioned it off into 3 equal rectangle shape with the bottom a little bigger and the top smaller. I used buttercream filling between each layer and then refrigerated it … Read more

Coolest Chanel Purse Cake

Homemade Chanel Purse Cake

I made this Chanel Purse Cake for a friend’s birthday. She wanted the real thing but got this instead. I used rolled fondant and tinted it pink. I then used a fondant roller to make the quilted pattern. The logo and handle were made of fondant as well.

Coolest Purse Birthday Cake Design

Homemade  Purse Birthday Cake Design

My daughter wanted a “girly” cake with makeup and jewelry. So I thought a purse cake would be perfect! I looked through all of the cakes on THIS website and got several different ideas. I ended up with this Purse Birthday Cake Design with money, jewelry and makeup showing. The cake is 3 layers made … Read more

Unique Cake Ideas for Purse-Shaped Cakes 4

I made this cake for my darling little sister who was turning 24 yrs old and who loves to travel. I used: 1- Reg. Sheet Pan, Wilton Butter Cream icing, and Fondant icing. I iced the cake with buttercream icing (make sure its completely flat on top, fondant will take the shape of any uneven … Read more

Coolest Purse-Shaped Girls Birthday Cake Ideas 8

My mom loves her Coach purse so I decided to decorate a Coach Purse cake for her birthday. Of course the colors are not “typical” Coach Colors but I like to put my spin on things. I started out with a Wilton purse shaped baking pan. First I iced the sides and inside the purse … Read more

Coolest Purse Cake

Purse Cake

This purse cake was made for my niece, Victoria. She is a big fan of the coach collection, so the perfect cake for her was the summer coach bag. It was 2 9×13 cakes cut in the shape of a purse, bottom of cake and strap and pocket are made with white fondant. The rest … Read more

Coolest Bag Cake

Bag Cake

I made this bag cake for my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday. She loves bags and I started to make novelty cakes so wanted to give it a try. I tried to stand it up to look 3-d but the icing keep breaking so I laid it down. The cake is a vanilla sponge but I added … Read more

Cute Homemade Pink Handbag Cake

Mum's Handbag Cake

I made this Handbag cake for my Mum’s birthday. I used ready made orchard icing to decorate two pieces of cake, cut into the handbag size. I used licorice to make the handles, and a knife to slightly cut the icing to make the illusion of cushioning on the handbag.

Coolest Fashionista Cake

Homemade Fashionista Cake

I made this Fashionista Cake for my mom’s birthday. (I won’t say her age or she’ll kill me, LOL!) It’s a two-tier yellow pound cake covered in fondant that I painted with food color. The beading is also fondant. You can’t really see it in this picture but the entire cake is also lightly dusted … Read more

Coolest Pull-Apart Purse Cupcake Cake

Homemade  Pull-Apart Purse Cupcake Cake

The theme of my daughter’s 6th birthday was All Things Girly so it was only fitting to do a purse cake. When I finished making the batter, which was a simple 4 egg yellow cake batter, she asked me for cupcakes instead of a cake. I agreed but was still stuck with the purse idea … Read more

Unique Cake Ideas for Purse-Shaped Cakes 5

For this unique cake I baked a carrot cake and a caramel cake, then I froze it over night and sculpted it into a petal shape. I used one layer carrot, then caramel cake, and then carrot again. I sketched shopping bags and used fondant frosting to mold them. I then covered the cake and … Read more

Coolest Purse-Shaped Girls Birthday Cake Ideas 9

I made this girls birthday cake out of two rectangle pans, cut them in half then carved them down in the shape of a hand bag. Straps are made from fondant. The Gucci symbols are fondant as well as the leather look on the cake. I used the pearl dust to shimmer for glitter color. … Read more

Coolest Purse Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Purse Birthday Cake Design

I had planned on making a Purse Birthday Cake Design for my girlfriend’s birthday but her mom called me wanting the cake a day earlier than I had planned so I wasn’t able to prepare some of the fondant pieces ahead of time so they could dry. I made a 1/2 sheet cake and cut … Read more

Easy Purse Cake Idea

Purse Cake

A friend ordered a birthday cake for her office colleague. Since the birthday girl is one shopaholic girl, I thought it would be cool to make a birthday cake that represent shopping. Then I found this Wilton cake mold, perfect for a purse cake! The cake is chocolate cake, the handle of the purse is … Read more

Coolest Purse Birthday Cake

Homemade Purse Birthday Cake

I stumbled across this website when I was looking for ideas for a Coach Purses. I read what others have done to achieve their cakes. So, for my Purse Birthday Cake I found 2 oval cake pans that worked wonderfully. After baking the two cakes, I froze them, then crowned OFF the top and then … Read more