Coolest Cottage Cake

I baked this Cottage Cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday, since she loves the idea of living in a house surrounded by a garden. I used my favorite sponge cake recipe (eggless since we are vegetarians) to make 2 rectangular cakes, one was used as the base (the garden) and the other for the cottage.

The cottage is basically the rectangular cake cut up in 2 squares and a triangle and then stacked, glued together with icing. I used butter cream icing. Cream wafers are used to make the slanting tiled roof, bread sticks for the fence and little cherries on toothpicks for the flowers. The doors, windows and the gate are home-baked cookies.

This was my first attempt at making a 3-D cake, and is of course quite amateurish. But my little girl just LOVED it and since this site is one of our favorites to browse when a birthday is coming up, she insisted that I send this cake for inclusion in the site.

Homemade Cottage Cake

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