Cool Homemade Space Shuttle Cake

I made this Space Shuttle Birthday Cake for my grandson’s 4th birthday. I made a chocolate cake in a 9″ by 13″ cake pan and followed directions I found on the Betty Crocker web site to cut and assemble the pieces. I used a simple light blue buttercream to frost it. From there, I came up with some fun ways to personalize it.

I wanted my grandson to be the pilot, so I cut a cockpit from a 16 oz. water bottle and added a nose tip made from Playdoh. I taped a small picture of the him on an astronaut action figure and made a helmet from Playdoh. His brothers’ and cousins’ pictures are in the portholes on each side of the cake. I covered them with clear tape to protect them from the grease in the frosting.

I used M&Ms and other candies and Playdoh shapes to decorate the cake. The rocket flames are cellophane and ribbon. I made the stars and planets with Playdoh and scattered them around the cake.

I stuck a sparkler into the tail and lit it when I carried the cake into the house. You can imagine how excited the kids were to see that!

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