Coolest Voyager Ship Cake

My friend had an idea to make the Voyager Ship Cake from the TV series ‘Voyager’ as a cake, as he loves the program.

We used a recipe for a basic sponge cake but doubled the ingredients so that we could bake 2 cakes. We baked one in a round tin and one in a rectangle shaped tin.

When the cakes were baked, we cut the round one into a oval shape to make the main section of the cake. We then cut up the rectangle shaped cake to make the back section and the engines.

Once we had made the main shapes, we glued them together using icing and placed them onto a round silver cake board.

Then we made a lot of butter cream and used a tiny bit of black colouring to make it a nice shade of grey. We then completely covered the cake in the butter cream and stuck a few sweets on for added decoration.

We then made some red glace icing for the markings that can be seen on the spaceship.

We also made black glace icing and covered the cake board to give it the space effect. We then dusted it with icing sugar to make the stars and added some extra sweets. To make the writing, we dipped a cocktail stick in some black colouring as it had to be done delicately.

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