Coolest Space Shuttle Cake

For my son’s 9th birthday,I made him a Space Shuttle cake since he likes NASA and space exploration so much. I made the tip out of card stock paper that I coiled into a cone and covered it in black icing.

I baked part of cake in a bar pan and carved out for wings. I baked the other part in a loaf pan and carved out the body. This was pretty time consuming but well worth the look on my son’s face when it was done.

I used a toothpick to put on some of the details with black icing. I used water on the white base icing to smooth it out before applying the black details. You have to let it dry before applying details and go easy on the water by dipping butter knife and shaking off excess.

I made the tail cones from black cardstock and inserted them in the back of the shuttle. It was a labor, but a labor of love non the less for my little boy. He loved it.

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