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Cool Homemade 3D Space Shuttle Cake

My son wants to be an astronaut and asked me to make a space shuttle cake for his 5th birthday. I had no idea where to start until I found this website and so many wonderful ideas here.

I made this out of a 9 x 13 size cake and printed a template off the internet. I used the scrap pieces to make the shuttle taller and then used a potato peeler to “shave” the nose into the

correct shape.

I used store bought fondant (found out later I actually could make my own – wish I had known!) and then decorated it. It won a thumbs up from my son.

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade 3D Space Shuttle Cake”

  1. Love the space shuttle cake! you had written you printed off a template to make the cake – where did you find the template? thank you for any help!!

  2. Hi,

    Where would I go to find templates for the Space Shuttle Cake? I must be looking in the wrong place. I am not to good with the computer (am still trying to get used to it).

    Thanks a lot,

    Mrs. Tiftickjian


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