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Cool Lingerie Cake


Once upon a cold and rainy March day, my husband had a birthday. A week previous, I drew up a plan for an extravagant naked cake; just for my man.

To my dismay, he said, “No Way.” “A very simple cake will do.” so I baked him one (That was sugar free)!

A naked cake I still desired to make, so a few days later, I began to bake.

Layer upon chocolate layer, I filled and stacked.

(Within, pink and purple buttercream, I packed).

Hmm, this doesn’t quite fit my style…

(I’d been developing that for a while!)

Maybe some string work to add some flare.

Now, my naked cake was not quite bare.

It was scantily clad in lacy white,

then topped with fruit, Oh, what a sight!

When all was done, (and photographed and shared),

I took it to a friend, of whom I deeply cared.

For, it was her birthday that day…

So, I gave her a naked cake wearing “Lingerie”!

-Tracie S. Smith

Cool Lingerie Cake

Cool Lingerie Cake

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