Coolest Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake

Homemade  Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake

I made this Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake for my son’s AA MIdget Raider Hockey Wind UP. I used 6 9×13 cakes layered with a raspberry cream filling to make 3 cakes. Two were laid out horizontally with the third one cut in half to shape for the arms. I printed the logo off the … Read more

Coolest Philadelphia Flyers Birthday Cake

Homemade Philadelphia Flyers Birthday Cake

My boyfriend Marc is an absolute diehard Flyers fan! So, when I asked him if he wanted a Philadelphia Flyers Birthday Cake, I knew by his reaction there was no backing out. The things you will need: One piping tip, one flower tip or two (one for each color), one sheet cake pan, one 8×8 … Read more

Coolest Boston Bruins Hockey Cake

Homemade Boston Bruins Hockey Cake

This Homemade Boston Bruins Hockey Cake was done for my son’s birthday. He is a Bruins’ fan. I just baked a round cake (12″), cut in two layers and filled with buttercream. I printed a logo I found online on a normal piece of paper and placed it on the already dirty iced cake; and … Read more

Coolest Montreal Canadians Cake

Homemade Montreal Canadians Cake

I decided to make this Montreal Canadians Cake (hockey) for a little boy (day care where our daughter goes)who’s a fan of that hockey team.

Cool Homemade Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

Homemade Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

My cousin loves the Maple Leafs. So for her birthday I made her a Toronto Maple Leafs cake. I found a picture of their logo, enlarged it, and printed it out so I could use it as a guideline. I cut the cake out, piped the blue icing on first, then smoothed it out with … Read more

Coolest Hockey Themed Cake

Homemade Hockey Themed Cake

This Homemade Hockey Themed Cake was done for my son’s team “End of Season” party. I baked 3 round cakes in different sized cake pans (12″, 10″ and 6″). The cake recipe is a chocolate recipe I make from scratch and I filled it with vanilla custard, also made from scratch. The colors of the … Read more

Coolest Habs Sweater Cake

Homemade Habs Sweater Cake

My boys are all hockey players and big Habs fans. My middle son turned 5 yesterday, and asked for a “#5″ cake. I didn’t want to just make the number, since that wouldn’t have been a challenge, so I made him a Habs sweater cake with the number 5 on it. I started with two … Read more

Coolest Habs Hockey Puck Cake

Homemade Habs Hockey Puck Cake

For this Habs Hockey Puck Cake, I used my regular chocolate cake recipe (from Baker’s Chocolate) and baked two 8″ round cakes. Between my layers, instead of icing, I put a filling made of white chocolate, cream and butter. I had trouble making it stay on the cake (even with a “wall” of icing around … Read more

Coolest Oilers Birthday Cake

Homemade Oilers Birthday Cake

I wanted to surprise my husband for his 30th birthday. His favorite NHL hockey team is the Oilers. So I thought I would make him an Oilers cake. I hand drew the symbol on paper that would fit on an 9×13 cake. Once drawn I had made 2 copies for templates. I cut each template … Read more

Coolest Oilers Hockey Cake

Homemade  Oilers Hockey Cake

I live in Grimsby, England United Kingdom and hockey is just a big sport over here than everywhere else. I mainly do cakes for fun but my friend asked for one for her little boy’s 1st birthday (dad is a big big fan and player himself). She sent me a few photos of various jerseys … Read more