Coolest Buffalo Sabres Cake

Homemade Buffalo Sabres Cake

This Buffalo Sabres Cake was made on an 11″x15″ sheet with buttercream icing. I frosted the entire cake in white. I Googled the Buffalo Sabres logo and printed out the size I needed. Then, I traced in onto waxed paper. I put the waxed paper drawing on top of the frosted cake and traced over … Read more

Coolest Hockey Jersey Cake

Homemade Hockey Jersey Cake

My son’s 6th birthday ‘party’ is also the end of year hockey gathering for his team at our house. I wanted to make a Hockey Jersey Cake that resembled his hockey jersey for the party. I started with the basic chocolate cake recipe in the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook- making it more dense by sifting … Read more

Cool Homemade Buffalo Sabres Cake

Homemade Buffalo Sabres Cake

My husband and I are huge Buffalo Sabres hockey fans. For his birthday this year, I made him a homemade Buffalo Sabres cake. The cake is a milk chocolate cake with strawberry filling. The cake is frosted with buttercream icing. To make the logo, I traced the logo onto paper, then cut out the individual … Read more

Cool Homemade Hockey Cake

Hockey Shootout

To make this fun hockey cake, I baked a standard 9×13 cake (whatever type your kid likes). After it cooled, I frosted it with white fluffy frosting and smoothed it out to get the look of ice. I used 5 of my son’s hockey guys and the goals on top of the cake. He wanted … Read more

Coolest Hockey Skate Cake

Homemade Hockey Skate Cake

The cake is 11 x 15 Wilton cake pan. It uses 2 store bought cake mixes. The cake is iced with Wilton’s buttercream icing and layered with icing as well. The skate and puck are made from rice krispie squares recipe and shaped. Fondant icing is used to cover the skate and puck. Everything is … Read more

Coolest Hockey Sticks Cake

Hockey Sticks Cake

My son was really big into hockey last year, so of course he wanted a hockey cake. I didn’t think I could make the Maple Leafs logo so I made these two hockey sticks with two pucks. I traced my son’s mini sticks (plastic mini hockey sticks) onto cardboard boxes and cut them out. I … Read more

Coolest Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

Homemade Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

I made this Toronto Maple Leafs Cake for family members moving to Toronto. It was the farewell party cake. It’s 2 11 x 15 cake with buttercream icing in the middle. I used plastic dowel rods so the cake would not move to much while being transported to the location. I covered the cake with … Read more

Coolest Hockey Cake

Homemade Hockey Cake

I made this hockey cake for my husband who is a huge Montreal Canadians fan. The cake is four layers of devils food cake with a chocolate ganache filling. I made the ganache just by adding heated heavy cream to chocolate chips, let it cool and then whipped until thick. The cake is covered in … Read more

Coolest Cake for Hockey Fan

Homemade Cake for Hockey Fan

I made this cake for my hockey billet. This was my second attempt at being creative with fondant after watching the cake shows on TV. Skate was formed using rice crispies molded in the shape of a skate and covered with fondant. I cut holes in the fondant to lace up the skate using just … Read more

Cool Homemade Hockey Jersey Cake

Homemade Hockey Jersey Cake

I made this Hockey Jersey Cake for my son’s hockey windup party. It’s just a regular cake mix. I used buttercream icing. I actually had to freeze the cake for a week due to the weather. The party was postponed. I have to say that it tasted just a fresh as the day I would … Read more

Coolest Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake

Homemade Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake

This Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake is actually an ice cream cake, and the first one like it I had ever made! To make it I baked and froze 2 9×11 chocolate cakes. First, I iced the top layer. I wanted to make it look like a Canadiens Hockey jersey. I used Wilton “No Taste … Read more

Coolest Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake

Homemade  Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake

I made this Prince Albert Raider Hockey Cake for my son’s AA MIdget Raider Hockey Wind UP. I used 6 9×13 cakes layered with a raspberry cream filling to make 3 cakes. Two were laid out horizontally with the third one cut in half to shape for the arms. I printed the logo off the … Read more