Coolest Bathurst 500 Race Track Birthday Cake

My partner decided he wanted a Bathurst 500 cake for his birthday, he didn’t really expect to see one though. After Googling for some time I found NO Bathurst 500 cakes so it was up to me to be creative. At the beginning of the week I made some gumpaste signs that indicated different corners … Read more

Coolest 3rd Birthday Racetrack Cake

Coolest 3rd Birthday Racetrack Cake

This 3rd birthday Racetrack cake was actually very simple to make – I used two round cake pans with two store bought cake mixes (vanilla). I cut the edges so they would fit nicely and placed the cakes together on the board. Then I used butter cream icing all over the top and sides – … Read more

Bryce’s Cake with a Road

Bryce's Cake with a Road

When I asked Bryce what kind of cake he wanted me to make for his 3rd birthday he said he wanted one with a road on it.  As I browsed through pictures on the internet, he watched over my shoulder, indignant if I stopped on one that did not have a road.  “I need a … Read more

Figure 8 Racetrack Birthday Cake

Figure 8 Racetrack Birthday Cake

My son has asked me to make his birthday cake this year.  “What do you have in mind?” I ask, thinking he’s probably going to ask me to make him a Titanic cake like he did last year.  I shudder at the thought.  “I want a Shelby Mustang!” he replies eagerly.  Ummm…ooookay.  My mind begins … Read more

Coolest Cars Race Track 2nd Birthday Cake

Coolest Cars Race Track 2nd Birthday Cake

I had decided to plan my son’s party and make his 2nd birthday cake all based on the Disney Cars movie, because of his love of playing with cars, hot wheels, and anything that generally rolls. We have also watched the movie a couple of times and he seemed to really enjoy it. After looking … Read more

Cool Homemade Disney Cars Birthday Cake

Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake

This Disney Cars birthday cake is the birthday cake I made back in Feb. for my son’s 3rd birthday. He loves all the Disney Cars movies and I wanted to make him something really special. He had become a big brother in November, so I wanted to go the extra mile for his birthday! The cake … Read more

Coolest Disney Cars Racetrack Cake

Homemade Disney Cars Racetrack Cake

I made this Disney Cars Racetrack Cake for my son’s 5th Birthday. I was quite relieved when he chose a round cake, over the more complicated 3D Lightening McQueen cakes! This is a 26cm round Madeira cake filled with “crema pasticcera” ( a thick vanilla custard style filling, very popular here in Italy). I covered … Read more

Cars Race Car Cake

Homemade Cars Race Car Cake

This cake was made for twin boys turning three years old who absolutely love the Disney Cars movie. I sculpted the cake from two 10-inch round cakes torted into three layers each. I used a piece of paper (a big one) and traced out two 10-inch rounds on the paper and then drew a big … Read more

Coolest Race Track Cake

Race Track Cake

I made this race track cake for my sons 6th Birthday (obviously) as he is really into Formula 1 and Lewis Hamilton. A race track seemed really appropriate. It really was very easy to make. I hired the number 6 cake tin from a cake decorating shop and made up the usual 8-8-8-4 cake batter … Read more

Cool Homemade Nascar Birthday Cake

Homemade Nascar Birthday Cake

I used a 9×13 for the bottom of the Nascar Birthday Cake. I colored fondant/gum paste black and cut out checkerboard squares. The car was cut and shaped from another 9×13 cake. I added the detailing from looking at a picture online.

Coolest Number 5 Race Track Cake

Homemade Number 5 Race Track Cake

My son wanted a Cars theme for his birthday and I was a bit apprehensive about fashioning a Lightning McQueen, so we compromised. I made him a “race track” in the shape of a 5 and then added his Cars figures that he already had. I just used box cake mix and white frosting colored … Read more

Cool Homemade Racetrack Cake with Viewing Stands

Homemade Racetrack Birthday Cake

I created this racetrack birthday cake for my great-nephew’s 4th birthday. I designed it first on paper so that I would have the exact measurements for cutting the cake pieces and frosting the design. I used a large rectangular pan for the center and large round pan for the sides. I used Nabisco Sugar Wafers … Read more