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Coolest Wrestling Ring Birthday Cake

My niece asked me to make a wrestling ring birthday cake for a friend of her’s 30th birthday. I started by baking an 8″ 3 layer square vanilla sponge cake. When cooled I filled with jam and butter cream and then covered in butter cream and chilled in the freezer for 20 minutes. When chilled I covered in black roll out icing and then I made some corners out of roll out icing for extra support and attached these.

I then covered the top of the cake with a white roll out icing square, and I then attached a square piece of icing I made earlier with the emblem for wrestling on it to the top of the cake and pipe iced around it. I then attached the name on in red icing.

I colored 4 wooden chopsticks with black food color paste and left them to dry. I then drilled 3 holes into each chopstick and making sure there was no dust on them I pushed them into the cake into each corner. I now threaded some red sheering elastic through each chopstick. I repeated this 3 times and tied each with a knot to finish them off.

I now made the steps out of grey roll out icing, and then made the RAW emblem and attached this to the front of the cake. I made a plaque to write the message onto and when dry attached this to the cake. I hope he loved it because I really enjoyed making it.

Coolest Wrestling Ring Birthday Cake

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