Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

I used two layer cakes and made black frosting for the ring and red for the writing of this WWE Birthday cake. I used my son’s ring and rope from his set for the ring. I used his ladder and chairs and wrestlers. I put his two favorite inside and the other two out. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Cakes 2

I made three square wrestling cakes, froze them (less crumbs when cutting and carving), cut to desired size, frosted each cake and stacked covered with a homemade fondant you can find the recipe here. It tastes really good, its sweet (store bought fondant has a really unpleasant taste). I tinted the fondant with Wiltons paste … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake

Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake for my nephew Brent for his 15th Birthday. It is not the best picture, but he loved it. I made a large sheet cake and cut it in half and made it into a square. I then covered it in fondant. I used red spay and black butter … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Cakes 4

This birthday cake is covered in colored frosting and the sides were pieces of “wafer paper” and non-toxic pens. The wafer paper is just thin wafer stuff. You can draw anything on it, trim it and then with a spray bottle mist the area for it to stick. Skures were used for the edges and … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Ring Cake

Homemade Wrestling Ring Cake

I made this wrestling ring cake for my grandson’s 7th birthday. He has loved playing with wrestlers since he was about 2 yrs old. I stacked the cake three layers high and took left over cake to build the steps. I used chocolate covered pretzel rods for the poles, Twizzlers pull n peel licorice for … Read more

Coolest Ryan James Wrestling Cake

Homemade Ryan James Wrestling Cake

I made this Ryan James Wrestling Cake for my nephew who was nine this year. He loves the wrestling so thought he would love this cake. I baked the large round cake and then cooked a large square one too and then cut the square cake into shape the sides of the belt. Both were … Read more

Wrestling Ring Cake

Wrestling Cake

To create this wrestling ring cake, I made a 4 layer cake, with a pineapple cream cheese and custard mixture in-between each layer. I used buttercream to coat. Large Marshmallow and mini marshmallows dipped in chocolate and held together by a skewer and toothpicks are the sides of the ring. I used Twizzler rope for … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Rey Mysterio Cake

Homemade Wrestling Rey Mysterio Cake

I was asked by a friend, to make a homemade Wrestling Rey Mysterio cake for his son’s 9th birthday. My mum did a cake decorating course when I was a kid and I remember watching her work with icing and have been interested ever since and have dabbled in cake-making for friends and family. I … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Belt Cake

Cena Wrestling Belt Cake

My nephew loves WWE Wrestling & wanted the Cena belt for his 7th birthday as his cake. I found a lot of beautiful wrestling belt cakes online for ideas, only problem is they always seem to have fondant rubber…I mean frosting. My whole family hates fondant. I think for a cake like this it would … Read more

Coolest WWE Cake

Homemade WWE Cake

This was a cake I made for a customer. It was a double vanilla bean sponge. Made the vanilla cake and sandwiched it with a filling of fluffy white American frosting and smooth raspberry Jam. Mixing with an electric beater to add lots of air, sifting all the dry ingredients to add in more air … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Ring Cake

WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

First I made a rectangle cake for this wrestling ring cake. I cut off the sides of the cake to make it square. The pieces I cut off I used as the bleachers. I made little people out of toothpicks and used marshmallows for the heads and I cut shirts out of construction paper. I … Read more

Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade WWE Birthday Cake for my son’s 13th birthday, it was a huge hit at the party! This was my second attempt to do a fondant cake, and I was very pleased. I used two nine inch square cake pans and 1 boxed cake mix. After applying my buttercream crumb coating I … Read more