Coolest Wrestling Cake

Homemade Wrestling Cake

I made this wrestling cake for my nephew. I got the idea from this website which I love! I also used my nephew’s toy wrestling ring for details of how to decorate the cake. I baked two square cakes and let them cool. I iced the cakes with buttercream icing and then placed fondant on … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Cake Design

Homemade  Wrestling Cake Design

I made this Wrestling Cake Design for a friend’s son’s 10th birthday since he was a big wrestling fan. I did a lot of research on-line, looking at every possible wrestling cake I could find for inspiration. I tried to incorporate features from several different cakes to make it my own and not a direct … Read more

Coolest WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

Homemade WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

I made 2 8-inch vanilla square cakes and iced them with chocolate buttercream and stacked them to make this WWE Wrestling Ring Cake. I covered the top with white fondant to make it look like the floor of the ring. I also used fondant that I colored for the green WWE letters in the front. … Read more

Coolest John Cena Wrestling Cake

Homemade John Cena Wrestling Cake

I made this John Cena Wrestling Cake for a little boy who loves wrestling and John Cena was relatively easy to make. Just made a basic square chocolate cake. Traced the John Cena picture onto rice paper and coloured in the picture with butter icing. The cake was a hit and I enjoyed making this … Read more

Cool Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake

Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake

We used 2 cake mixes for this Wrestling Birthday Cake. One chocolate and one white. The cake was frosted with homemade whipped cream frosting, can be found on covered cake with homemade marshmallow fondant that we colored grayish. The post are made with marshmallow squares that we bought and covered with blue fondant. The … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Birthday Cake

Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake

I made this Wrestling Birthday Cake for my son for his 10th birthday, and while the RING SIDE seat tickets I got him for WWE Raw LIVE stole the show, the cake was a close second. This cake took about 4 hours to assemble and decorate (this does not include bake time and cooling for … Read more

Coolest WWE Belt Birthday Cake

Homemade  WWE Belt Birthday Cake

My niece is a huge WWE fan. So, for her 12th birthday (today), we decided to do the WWE Belt Birthday Cake belt. We ordered the black fondant and the gold icing coloring a couple of weeks in advance, from a company in Arkansas. They shipped fast too!! Had the stuff in two days time. … Read more

Coolest Rey Mysterio Wrestling Cake

Homemade Rey Mysterio Wrestling Cake

My son loves wrestling so I searched for ideas. Well after several dead ends, I decided to get creative. One of his favorite wrestlers is Rey Mysterio, so I constructed this Rey Mysterio Wrestling Cake by using a Batman cake pan. We removed the cape and the little ear things at the top. Rounded the … Read more

Coolest WWE Wrestling Birthday Cake

This WWE Wrestling birthday cake was made for a friend whose husband is totally into professional wrestling! Like many of you, I don’t really like using fondant because it doesn’t taste great, but I did use some on this cake. The black is frosted with regular frosting, and the emblems are fondant. There’s plenty of … Read more

Coolest Steel Cage Wrestling Cake

Homemade Steel Cage Wrestling Cake

This Homemade Steel Cage Wrestling Cake was made for a dear friend of the family. She asked simply for a WWE wrestling cake. I can say with all honesty-I don’t do easy. I am fourteen and have made dozens of cakes in the past. I thought “if it is going to be a wrestling ring … Read more

Coolest WWE Logo Cake

Homemade WWE Logo Cake

This is a WWE Logo Cake. My son is really into this show this year, so for his 9th birthday, this is what I made for him. He and his friends loved it. This cake is two larger sized round cakes stacked on top of each other. Any size cake pans will work, just adjust … Read more

Coolest WWE Raw Birthday Cake

Coolest WWE Raw Birthday Cake

Well, let me begin by saying that planning this specific party for my daughter was one of the most fun party themes I’ve done. My daughter is crazy about WWE and she loves John Cena. When she said that she wanted a special cake I told her I would try my best. I’ve always made … Read more