Construction Birthday cake

We did a construction theme party for my son’s third birthday. I looked at a lot of different construction birthday cakes from the wonderful bakers on this site and came up with this one.

I used rock candy along the road. 100 calorie candy cut in half for the white and black edging. I also made a “sign” out of a chocolate Hershey bar and wrote on the back. The dirt is a crushed fudge cookie crumbs. The number 3 was outlined in icing and then I filled it in with crushed cookie crumbs.

I found cupcake picks in the grocery store that said “Let’s Party” and with balloons, I put those on the side of the road. I used Tonka trucks since it was a Tonka construction party. This was actually a brownie mix baked in a large pan and frosted. Thick, rich & delicious.

I actually did a second cake also, for the family party which was a slightly different variation, without the rock candy.

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