Cool Castle Wedding Cake

I made this castle cake for a friend’s wedding. The cake is made up of five 14 inch round cakes and five 8 inch round cakes. The castle was made up of turrets made out of circular cardboard tubes wrapped up in pink fondant.

The body of the castle is made up of cake and the  wall impression made with a ruler since I did not have an imprint. The cones were made up of fondant painted in wine red gold dust.

The path was made up of stones, cut out in grey and black fondant. After stacking the five bottom layer cakes, with buttercream in between the layers, I inserted toothpicks following the shape of the road to cut. Then I placed the top layers and covered the whole thing with buttercream and then with light brown fondant. I did not have dowel rods so I used meat sticks to support the structure.

I placed the pillars and the cones at the reception. The weather was very humid, so my fondant did not dry out.

I painted the body of the mountain with wine red and golden brown gold dust. It could have been better but I hope all who see it will like it.

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