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Cool Electric Guitar Birthday Cake

You will need 2 cake mixes for this guitar birthday cake (I used more elaborate cakes because all the time they take). Bake a big cake and a 9 inch round cake. I used a template and cut out the pieces after freezing for a couple hours. The hardest part about this cake is that it took me about 5 hours to make it.

I pieced it together and “glued” it with icing then covered in a thin layer of icing and stuck back in the freezer for about an hour, then I put more icing on it and started decorating with gum drops(strets), licorice strings (guitar strings) it was a little tight getting all six strings on there, little Reese cups (knob), and red hots.

I made this electric guitar cake for a musician for his birthday and he loved it, said it was the best birthday cake he ever had. I made cupcakes with the left over cake mix. I was very proud of myself on this one!

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