Cool Frozen Cake

Hello Fellow Cake Decorators,

I have not been doing this very long. But, I started a small at home bakery business just shy of two years ago. I started out doing cupcakes only, because I was too scared to try cakes. For a couple months now, I have been doing cakes. I love it, even though I can only bake on the weekends because of work and school at night.

So, a young mother asked for a simple “Frozen” themed cake for her daughter’s 2nd birthday. She said nothing too fancy, just something small. She asked for the cake months ahead. She said, “I love your work and I only want you to do my baby’s cake.” It was such an amazing feeling because she could have easily chosen to get a bigger cake from Walmart or Kroger that was within her budget, but she trusted me to deliver a smaller (in her words) “cake of her dreams” for her daughter.

So I started on the cake when time came, but as I was making the cake I wanted to do something even more special for her. I was going to try a 2-tier cake for the first time, just for her. I did not ask for extra payment, it was just something I wanted to do for her.

I started on the cake and it started to come together quite nicely. I kind of felt like a kid, dancing around the table singing “Let It Go, let it go, can’t hold it back I was excited to show it to her. I made the bottom a 3-layer cake and the top a small 2-layer cake. I think I was more excited than the birthday girl. Lol. I finished the cake and sent her pictures as she asked. She was overjoyed! She said I just knew you were going to make this day special for my baby girl. That was the best feeling in the world! Now I am inspired to make more cakes that I wouldn’t usually try!

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