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Coolest Walk in the Park Cake

I decided to make my dad a birthday cake for his 72nd birthday. He loves walking the dog in the park so this is the theme I decided to do.

I started making the models for the top of the cake. I made a bench by molding some ½ flower icing and ½ roll out icing into a oblong shape and flattened slightly and then I made two small stumps for the legs of the bench and set aside.

I then made the dog and because the dog has curly fur I cut into the icing slightly and then ruffled it about so it wasn’t flat and set this aside. When the above was dry the next day I glued together with watered down icing and I started the man.

I made the body and legs of the man in a colored roll out icing and did the arms, face and feet and attached it all together on the bench and set this aside to dry out. Then I made some glasses out of wire because my dad wears glasses. I made a lead out of cotton and attached around the dog. I then colored the bench.

I started by baking a lemon sponge cake which was left to cool. I spread butter cream and lemon curd in the middle and then covered with butter cream all over and placed in the fridge to chill.

When the cake was chilled I covered with roll out icing in white and set aside for a couple of hours. I then colored the top of the cake in green using food coloring and water, and sponged it on to resemble grass, and attached the bench with the man on and the dog at the side of it. I colored some icing in green to a stiff constituency and piped grass at the edges of the bench.

I piped a message on the cake and then around the outside of the cake I piped storks and leaves and attached a flower all around the outside. I then piped around the base of the cake in white.

My dad loved it.

Homemade Walk in the Park Cake

Homemade Walk in the Park Cake

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