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Coolest 80’s Theme Cake

This 80’s Theme Cake was for my sister in law’s 80’s theme party. It was a lot of work but paid off to see how much they enjoyed it. I used a 9″ cake pan for the Pacman, and rectangle pans for the robot which I cut in pieces and boombox.

I made 1 1/2 cakes for the boombox because I needed to add all the details. Everything on them is edible. I used starbursts for the buttons on the boombox, Oreo’s for the knobs and robot eyes and ears, licorice for the connections of the robot, big swirl suckers for the boombox speakers.

I made regular size cupcakes for the Pacman dots and a larger size cupcake for the big yellow dots and I added lemon zest and food coloring to make the Pacman. I used gummy lifesavers to hold the candles in place and it also added what would look like buttons for the robot.

I also used sour belt ropes, and piped the cassette in the middle of the boombox. It was fun making and the kids enjoyed it.

Homemade 80's Theme Cake

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