Cool Homemade Eyeball Cake Using the Wilton Ball Pan

I made this Eyeball cake using the ball cake pan. The red is jello. The jello gives it the true blood look. It looks a lot better than red icing. I just poured a little in the bottom of my tray I was using to put the cake on. Put it in the fridge until the jello was hard. Put the cake in the center of the jello.

Then made the eyeball with buttercream icing. The red on the eyeball is more jello. I used a toothpick . I used Halloween witch fingers. I put icing in the fingers to fill them. They were hollow. Used toothpicks to place the fingers in the cake.

I love the way when you picked the cake up it jiggled. The border is buttercream. It was done in black icig. The eye is blue buttercream.

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