Coolest Army Tank Cake

My 8 year old wanted an “Army Man” party &, after watching Ace of Cakes, he thought it would be cool to have a tank cake. To start with I told him that Mom couldn’t do that. But, seeing how I love a good challenge, I started considering “why not?” So, my husband and I put our ideas together & came up with a “plan.”

The cake itself was 2-13×9 inch sheet cakes for the base and 1-8 inch round cake for the top. I put both sheet cakes in the freezer for about 10 hours so I could shape them without the crumby mess. I put the sheet cakes on top of each other and “sculpted” the shape I wanted. I cut out an indention in the back as well as a point in the front center. I also rounded the front and back edges for my track.

I then put the 1st sheet cake down and iced it with a mix of chocolate & buttercream flavored frosting. Then I laid the track with snack size Hershey bars separated into the 4 mini bars and left them hanging over the edge a little bit. Then I put the 2nd sheet cake on and iced it. I then put the round layer on top & iced it.

For the “accessories”, I used snack sized York peppermint patties for the wheels inside the track. For the hatch I rolled out tootsie rolls,with a rolling pin, and covered a cookie with it. The big gun on the front was a cereal straw covered in rolled out tootsie rolls. For the stars on the front and the “U.S. ARMY” logo on the back, I printed them off the computer. The flag & army man were toys. I did take the legs off the man so he wouldn’t be so long & used toothpicks to hold him in place. The brown camo spots were also rolled out tootsie rolls. The green camo spots were green icing that I spread with my fingers.

My son absolutely loved it! I was a little sad that we had to eat it.

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