Sweet Homemade Army Tank Cake for a 7th Birthday Party

My son is into everything military, and for his 7th birthday he wanted an Army theme. So I found this web site and saw the perfect idea – Army Tank Cake! I used the ideas from others who had posted here, and the cake was a huge success. My daughters helped me with it, and we had a lot of fun watching our creation develop.

We stacked two 9″x13″ cakes for the base, and cut a loaf cake to size for the top. The hatch cover is an Oreo (frosted), the gun is an Oreo Funstix, the wheels are Little Debbie fudge rounds, and the treads are Hershey bar pieces. We made the frosting Army green by using Wilton icing color gels. We mixed one part Kelley green, four parts lemon yellow (this is the formula for avocado green), then we added tiny amounts of black until it was the shade we wanted.

To make the camouflage, we used black and green spray mist food color. The birthday boy, his guests, and the whole family got a big kick out of this cake. For those who are new to 3D cake decorating, cut your pieces and freeze them overnight before frosting. This cuts down on crumbs from the cut sides in the frosting and it also make the pieces a little less flimsy when moving them. Also, store-bought frosting can be a little too fluffy or creamy for decorating, so you may want to make your own, or add powdered sugar before adding the coloring.