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Coolest Baby Shower Bathtub Cake

I made this Baby Shower Bathtub Cake for my friends baby shower. I made (2) 13X9 one chocolate and one vanilla. I placed cakes in the freezer for easier handling. Apply frosting to center and add top layer. I cut out the center of the 13X9 to match the size of the plastic container. Frost cake along with the center cut out. I put cake in refrigerator so frosting could set. Once jello has become firm, place into the center of the cake and frost around edge and decorate.

To make water: I used blue jello and filled a small plastic container. As jello started to set I place baby doll so when the jello set, it would hold the doll upright.

5 thoughts on “Coolest Baby Shower Bathtub Cake”

  1. Thought your cake was fantastic, used your idea for a Scottish baby shower for a friend, although we don’t have blue jello so had to improvise on that one. thanks again

  2. I am making a cake for my daughters baby shower in Nov. & her baby shower theme is Baby’s Bath Time so it will all be geared around baby’s bath & all gifts will be for baby’s bathtime. I saw this awesome cake & will be making this one for her shower & she loves it. Thank You so much for the idea!!!
    One Proud Glam-Ma

  3. I am now copying this cake for tomorrows baby shower.Baby boy is fond of bathtub so this is just the right design for his cake.I make a little boy with gumpaste plus a few ducks inside his tub and thn my supposed to be water is made of light blue icing,hope he will like this :)

  4. Roni: I actually used a Tupperware container for the tub part. Poured in the jello and sat the baby in it and refrigerated it. Sorry I did not respond earlier. I was not notified you had responded.


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