Coolest Bathtub Birthday Cake

I made this Bathtub Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday. She just loves her rubber duckie. This cake was made from two 9×13 cakes made from box mixes.

When both cakes were cooled, I positioned one cake on my serving tray and frosted the outside two inches all around the top of the cake. Then I put the other cake on top of it and cut out the middle of the top cake (leaving about 2 inches around the outsides). I iced the cake all over with a buttercream frosting.

The ‘water’ inside is blue jell-o, made according to the package directions and then scooped in just before my guests arrived. The faucets are big marshmallows with 4 mini marshmallows attached via toothpicks and the design was smoothed over with a little icing. The ‘H’ and ‘C’ were computer printed on paper and then attached to the marshmallows with a little icing.

The spigot is a slice cut out of a large marshmallow and attached with icing. This cake took a while to frost, but was otherwise very easy to make and it was a big hit with my guests.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Bathtub Birthday Cake”

  1. That is sooo cute I love it and I am sure the jello made it yummy since I love jello cake,
    Also you can use piping gel as water.


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