Coolest Bathtub Cake

I made this bathtub cake for my mums 50th a couple of months ago. I knew what I wanted to do and looked for ideas and tips online before starting. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and just decorated the cake from my head.

To make this cake I used:

1 X base cake

2 x Battenburg cake

1 x large pack fondant icing

1 x red food dye

1 x blue food dye

1 x yellow food dye

1x green food dye

1 x black edible ink pen

icing sugar


silver decoration balls

I cut out an oval shape in each Battenburg cake, then glued them together using icing sugar. I then sprinkled a little flour onto the worktop and rolled out the fondant icing. I coated the bathtub with icing sugar and then stuck down the fondant icing on top, smoothing it down and trimming any excess.

Next I rolled out some fondant icing and added two dashes of blue dye and mixed it together with my hands (to get the marble effect I used a small amount of food dye). Once I was happy with the color I placed it inside the bathtub and molded it into shape.

For each decoration I simply rolled out some icing, dyed it, molded it into shape and glued it on with some icing sugar. I used the pen to draw on the book, face and taps. All decorations were made from fondant icing.

Once I was finished decorating the bath tub I glazed the water, bubbles and edge of the bath with icing sugar to give it some shine.

I bought the blank base from a shop and stuck the bath tub and rug onto it using icing sugar. Once this was done I used the silver balls and icing sugar to write happy 50th birthday.

I was on my feet for at least 10 starlight hours decorating this cake but I really enjoyed doing it and it is worth it all when you see the reaction and appreciation from the individual and family and friends.

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