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Coolest Badminton Cake

When asked to make a cake for a party at the local badminton club, I came straight to this website for ideas, only to find no-one has submitted a badminton cake before! I can only presume it is because America does not play badminton, but I thought I should submit my cake to aid others in my situation.

I designed a simple picture on paper (crossed over badminton rackets and a shuttlecock – equivalent of a ball in tennis – underneath). I decided to do a chocolate frozen transfer as it is quicker than using buttercream. I melted white chocolate then poured into a piping bag. I covered the picture in greaseproof paper and traced over the design in white chocolate. I put it into the fridge to quicken the hardening process, and while it hardened I made and iced the cake.

When the icing was nearly crusted over, yet still soft enough to press things into, I peeled the designs off the paper and pressed gently into the icing. To finish I piped a green icing line around the top of the shuttlecock as shuttlecocks normally have a green or red band around the top, holding the feathers together! It was simple yet effective method to use and everyone at the club loved it!

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