Coolest Barnyard Child Birthday Cake

I made a 9″ chocolate cake and frosted it with a vanilla butter cream frosting colored green for this Barnyard Child Birthday Cake. Then I baked the house cake from the Wilton house pan and held it on the round cake with large skewers. I frosted the barn red, shingled the roof with graham crackers, and decorated windows and white and black lines with store-bought gel colors.

Then I tinted some store bought vanilla frosting yellow and piped the “straw” over a couple of hostess cupcakes to make haystacks. I stacked fudge striped cookies, gluing them together with frosting, and covered them with red frosting for the silo and topped it with a small white finger bowl.

Finally, I glued pretzels together with egg whites (didn’t let the kids eat them) to make the fence and decorated with little people animals.